Thursday, April 16, 2009

Small feet

I just was measuring Katrina for some shoes and I realized for sure what I've suspected for awhile--she has super small feet. In fact, according to the ages on the website I was looking at, she should be in size 4 or 5 by now. Instead, her feet don't even measure at a size 3. Every shoe that I have bought her has been too big, and plus, she can kick them all off in seconds. We have this one pair of boots that are soooo cute, but they are practically worthless, because they don't stay on. A church friend recommended Robeez to me, and she claimed they stay on, but after buying several pairs of shoes of other brands that failed, I'm afraid to spend more money. Instead, I just enter blog giveaways for baby shoes whenever I see them. :] I think once Katrina is walking more and we start going outside more, then I will make sure to buy her some shoes.

So it's a beautiful day outside, perfect for a walk, and guess who doesn't have the stroller? Yep. Me. Adam got it out of the trunk for me earlier this week, but it rained everyday, and then we went to the mall and took it there. So now, it's a nice day and yet I'm stranded once again. If I get too stir crazy, I might just carry Katrina over to the park near us. I can bring a blanket or something and we'll sit and watch the geese and squirrels. She really loves geese. I try to get her to swing on the swings, but they seem to terrify her. Looks like I really will be raising a little scaredy-cat child. Oh wait, that's genetic! I was a scaredy-cat child/adult. :]

I gave Katrina some whole milk for the first time this morning. She only was willing to try it twice, and each time she only took one swallow before throwing the sippy cup while milk spilled out of her mouth. I don't think she likes it much. If she still hates it after a week or so, maybe I'll try soy milk. She still nurses once a day, so at least she's getting some milk.

She likes to curcuit the apartment now. I close the bathroom doors so she won't be able to rifle through the trash cans, but I let her into the other rooms. We've already baby-proofed some things in our apartment, but I can tell it's time for another round. One hard thing is that a lot of things have to be screwed into the cabinet doors. But since it's an apartment, I would feel bad doing that. I'm still looking for other options.

Oh, and one other thing--I just found out a few days ago that my brother got married! I'm so excited for him. We knew he was serious with his girlfriend, but I was under the impression that things hadn't worked out and that she had gone back home. To my surprise, he announced this week that they have gotten married. I haven't met her yet, though most of my family has. They are having a reception next month, and I really want to go. We still haven't figured out yet whether we can afford it or not. Unfortunately, I'm thinking no, even if we just got me a ticket. But it's important to me to support my brother and be there if I can, so we still haven't decided for sure. Anyway, I just wanted to share that good news. For those of you who know my family, it's my brother Josh.


sb said...

If you do end up going, I can get you a flight from Houston to College Station for free if you give me some notice (as much as possible). Let me know if you need it.

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

Hey Tori! I love, love love robeez! They totally stay on, and they are really great for helping kids learn how to walk because they can feel the ground so easily through them. (they are very thin) but they are totally durable. I got Eli some on Ebay because it was cheaper that way. But they have recently started selling them at target as well. Eli started wearing them too big fir him, ut it didn't matter... they were a little long but impossible for him to take them off. Anyway, I love reading your blog! And congrats to josh! sounds awesome!

Sarah Gebbie-Measeck said...

I love your blog. I stumbled across it while on babycenter and have looked at it once in awhile. My daughter, Charlotte, was born on 2/21/08, so our daughters are near in age and it's fun to see another mom's perspective on a simalar aged baby.

I wanted to mention that I had a hard time getting Charlotte on whole milk too, but then I started adding it incrementally to her regular drink (formula at the time). I'd do 1 oz milk and 3 oz formula for each feeding. Then up the milk one oz and decrease the formula one oz each week, until she was totally on whole milk. It worked like a charm!

And I found a rule of thumb for baby shoe sizes on the internet too. Double their age and add a one for a girl (two for a boy). So she would be a 3 as a one year old. Just wanted to let you know. Thanks!

Sarah GM