Thursday, April 9, 2009

My sense of smell

I am beginning to be nervous because my sense of smell and taste aren't returning. After all, I really only have very few remnants of the cold that Katrina and I had. But I still can't seem to taste things with as much flavor as I remember them having. And also, I seem to have selective smell. What's weird about that is that I have typically such a good sense of smell. You know how pregnant women are supposed to be able to smell things a lot better when they're pregnant? Well, I didn't notice a single change. My sense of smell was already that good.

So, I'm getting concerned, though I really don't mind at the same time, that I cannot smell Katrina's dirty diapers. I went into Katrina's room yesterday and Adam was behind me. He caught a whiff of the smell from her diaper pail and almost gagged. I usually hate the smell from her diaper pail whenever it's opened or when it's getting full and I can smell if from all around the apartment. Well, even when I was removing the full bag and replacing it, I couldn't smell it at all, I just could smell the glade deoderizer thing at the bottom of the pail. I just sniffed Katrina's diapered bum, and I could not smell anything but the diaper itself, even though I know it is currently dirty.

Is this a blessing or something serious that should be looked into? After all, I can still smell most things, and I can taste things, just not as strongly. And if I never have to smell a dirty diaper again, well, that sounds good, right?

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JenniferB said...

Call your doctor and ask them -- share how long you've had the cold symptoms, etc., and follow up with it. My friend ignored a sinus infection until she ended up with Bell's palsy and had to deal with that for 6 months until it was gone. It's probably nothing, but it's so much better to find that out now, then whenever?