Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Just a little too late

After this house sat on the market for about nine months, the weekend that we decided to schedule a visit, it sold. How awful is that? We are very down about it. The biggest downside to it would have been square footage, but we still saw a lot of possibilities. Plus, it had just been rehabed, so everything was brand new and beautiful. I really wish we had been able to see the inside, and then we would have seen for ourselves how small it was. As it is, we just keep thinking about it and idealizing. We're pretty sure at this point that we won't find another house quite like it, so we might as well quit looking! You can see that both Adam and I can be a bit dramatic when disappointed.

Katrina is taking a long nap, which is a relief to me. She's been in such a bad mood lately, and I don't think I can really chalk it all up to her lingering sniffles or even to frustration from not being able to move around by herself. She actually doesn't seem too bothered by that. But this morning, after we woke up, she didn't want to walk around with her lion, she didn't want to cruise, she didn't want to sit on my lap. She was happy eating breakfast, but that's about all. I finally put her down for a nap only about an hour and a half after she woke. This sort of frustration is pretty normal for us these days, it's not just today. I'm really looking forward to her birthday, when we'll be giving her some new toys that I think she'll really like. I'm super stumped about what's going on. Teething? She is drooling. I don't know. It's been several weeks of this.


Elise said...

Well, I really have no idea what I'm talking about, but after Ashley's last lingering cold, she had an earache that lasted for a while and made her grumpy. The only reason I know for sure that she had it is that the doctor saw the remains of it at her check-up. Do you think that could have been it? I was watching Ashley for signs, since Everett seemed to have one, but she never pulled at her ear. She was just grumpy and wasn't soothed by normal things.

So. . .let us know if you figure it out! Congrats on the baby steps!

Elise said...

Oh, Duh. 12 month molars?

Amanda said...

Brooklyn is cranky a lot lately too. Like she just can't figure out what she wants at all and is very upset about it. I'm hoping it's just teething or I can't imagine what she will be like at 2 :)

Kirst said...

The annoying thing about teething is that the tooth can cut, then hide, and cut again. Teancum had a molar that took two weeks to stay out, and Jacob was teething for over a month when his 12-month molars came...in fact I think its starting again, Try some ora-gel and see if it helps her mood...if not then i have no idea