Friday, April 17, 2009

I'm going to Texas!

I just booked a flight to my brother's reception. I'm pretty excited. It would be cool if Adam and Katrina could come with me, and I suppose I could bring Katrina if I really wanted to endure four flights and a night in a hotel with her, but really, does that sound fun to anyone? Unfortunately for her grandma and aunt, she'll be staying home with her daddy. I was waffling about going, but then my mom said she and my sister bought tickets. That settled it. I figured I would buy tickets with me arriving and leaving at approximately the same times so that they could take me with them in a rental car or whatever they used for transportation (I can't rent a car for another two years). We'll share a hotel. When I went to book tickets, I found flights leaving and arriving at exactly the same times as my mom and sister. I think that since I have a layover in Dallas, we'll be flying on the same airplanes between Dallas and College Station. Pretty fun, huh! Plus, it will be Stake Conference so I don't have to find a sub for the piano in Primary and Adam won't have to be worried about teaching his deacons while holding Katrina.

We have a park near us. Yesterday we headed over there and I got a couple of pictures of Katrina.
She wasn't too sure about the swing.
But then I started pushing her and saying "booga booga" whenever she came toward me. She started giggling.

Today we went on a walk and on the way home stopped by the park. There is a balance beam there that is perfect Katrina height.

And here again with her favorite rattle.

Got to go take care of the crankypants girlie. Instead of one long three hour nap, she just woke up from her second short 45-minute nap.

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J-Squared said...

Oh yay! I so wish I could come too! What a fun little quick girl's trip! I should find a rich donor to sponsor the $300+ plane flight and then I'll totally be there with you all. :)