Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Happy Birthday Katrina!

A year ago I was happily reclined in a hospital bed in Orem, Utah, enjoying the effects of my epidural and my first break from the painful contractions of the previous fifteen or so hours. I was chatting with my mom, sisters, and Adam. I was super tired, and because of a common infection they made me wait significantly longer than I wanted to begin pushing, in order to get enough antibiotics into my system and for the convenience of the doctor. Finally, at 9:41 that night, Katrina was born! This year has been such a rollercoaster ride, and I can't believe I now have a toddler instead of a little baby. She's even making it "official" by increasing her confidence in taking several steps at a time. I'm pretty sure we can say that she's walking at this point, though no more than 6-8 steps maximum, and then only between me and Adam.

We had a fun party/Easter celebration on Sunday. The meny was delicious--berry soup, lamb, asparagus, etc. And the cake was phenomenal! My mother and sister-in-law should sell their creations. They made Katrina a pink carousel cake that even spun around like a carousel! It was darling, and yummy. Katrina gobbled down her slice in record time. To top it all off, we had an Easter egg hunt, though Katrina wasn't too good at it. Her cousin, who is a year older, had lots of fun finding all the eggs "hidden" in the living room. Katrina managed to shake an egg open and popped a black jelly bean into her mouth. I gagged a little at the black gooey drool that consequently poured from her mouth while she ate it, but she loved it. Ick. I hate black jelly beans!

Unfortunately, I realized halfway through that my camera had no memory stick. It was still in my laptop from the previous day. So no pictures of the egg-hunting, present-opening fun. I snapped a few picture of Katrina when we got home, playing with her new toys. I will upload them after she goes to bed and it's safe to use the laptop without interference. We're very grateful to our friends and family who love to gift her with fun toys and clothes! She especially loves her toy xylophone, and though she is a bit wary of her unicorn rocking horse, she seems to enjoy riding it if I am close by for sudden changes of mind. My favorite gift is the toy box, which we definitely need now! Though Katrina is just as likely to spend hours during the day walking around clutching easter eggs with cheerios inside and a film cannister with a button inside.

Katrina is exerting new independence each day. A few days ago she figured out how to cruise into the kitchen when we are in there. Yesterday she figured out how to do that when we're not in there! Luckily, I can normally just call for her and she comes back. Today I watched her cruise down the hall, and a minute or two later I heard banging. She had made her way into her room and was hitting her monitor against the diaper pail lid. I'm glad she's learning independence and I'm trying at the same time to figure out new activities to do, since she also has mostly dropped her afternoon nap. My sister-in-law gave me two books with ideas of games to play with toddlers, so I plan on utilizing them a lot. We tried drawing today, but the crayons are more fun to eat than draw with, so that ended quickly. I also tried to show her how fun it is to sort blocks by color, but she thinks it's more fun to throw them all over her shoulder. Heck, that sounds more fun to me too!
Here is the first morning after she was born.
Her baby blessing not quite two weeks later. She's still kind of yellow after a rough bout of jaundice.

Four months old.

Five months old. She's got much more hair now!
I'm on the computer that doesn't really have pictures, but there are plenty of recent pictures on the blog that show what she looks like now. I love Katrina so much and am very grateful to my Father in Heaven for entrusting her to me. I keep trying to be a better mom so that I can teach her to live a happy, righteous life. Thanks to all of you who have helped us along the way this first year with love, support, and advice!


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Happy first birthday, sweet Katrina!

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Happy Birthday Katrina! And Happy One Year of being a Mom Tori! You're doing a great job.