Thursday, April 30, 2009

Flies, now ants

Why don't we learn? Last summer we got a fly infestation after not taking our trash out for a week. Now we take the trash out right away, but we've gotten lax about picking up Katrina's food that she throws on the floor each meal. We have a plastic circular mat that most of the food is on, but she can throw her cheerios pretty far, so it's spread out a bit. Anyway, this morning I found a bunch of ants in the dining room all over the food. Yuck. Luckily they haven't spread to the kitchen or anywhere else. I actually called Adam and had him turn the car around to come back and help clean everything up. Katrina was clinging to me like a leach, so it was impossible to vacuum or anything without him.

Well, there are still a bunch of ants, even without food. I went to the store and got some ant bait traps that are basically worthless. I haven't seen a single ant crawl in. We'll have to get something else. At least the ants are only along one wall of one room, so that's nice, and they are little tiny ants, which aren't as gross as larger ants would be.

I got Katrina to nap again, so I need to go get my nap in now because she'll be awake again in 30-45 minutes. Have a great Thursday!

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Elise said...

Oh! I hate ants! It's so nasty to see hoards of the crawling around!

I've heard you can try peppermint oil (put it in a spray bottle with water and spray the walls and where they are coming from. . .it's supposed to destroy their trail), or baking soda along the walls.

Let me know if you figure something out that works. I bet anything it will be a problem for us this summer in student housing.