Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Best birthday song

I got a phone call today from Natasha. I briefly wondered why she was calling me during the school day, but I wasn't really sure what the time was or whether she was still teaching. We talked for a moment and then she had a surprise--her 1st grade class sang Happy Birthday to me! It was really cute. My favorite part was the "cha-cha-cha"s that they added. So thanks Natasha! It made my day. I told the kids it was the best birthday song I've ever heard. It was so cute.

I'm 23 today! I think that's a good age. When I was younger I used to think 24 would be the perfect age, though I'm not sure why. I did recently find out I am the youngest woman in my ward who is not one of the Young Women, who are all under 18. That's kind of weird.

I just forced Katrina to take a second nap. She was just being so unhappy while awake. I feel super bad because I made her just lay in there crying for awhile. I am just so exhausted and under-the-weather, and since she woke up from her nap three hours ago, I really wanted a break. Of course, now she won't be able to fall asleep tonight until after 9, I bet, so I probably shouldn't've made her nap, but I didn't know what else to do. I might nap myself. However, lately when I try to nap, I inevitably lay there for half an hour, finally drift off, and then have to get up within a few minutes, which is not fulfilling. I might just zone out in front of the tv now that Katrina's asleep.

Adam came home at lunch at brought me food! It's always so nice seeing him during the day. I stopped by his work yesterday after going to the pediatrician because I like seeing him whenever possible. Katrina gets sad when he leaves, though. She's having major separation anxiety issues. Even if Adam is holding her, if I walk out of sight, she starts wailing. She doesn't care if I walk into a different room at home, just when we are out. But when Daddy leaves each morning, she starts crying. It's endearing.

So we're going out for dinner on Friday! Any ideas? I'm trying to decide between this Indian restaurant we really like and Olive Garden. And actually, I kind of want a Chipotle burrito more than anything. It would definitely be cheaper. We'll see.

One of the best birthday things that's going in is an awesome episode of LOST tonight. Yes, I am addicted to LOST, and you should be too. :] I seriously am so excited for that I am counting down the hours.

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Sarah Kay said...

What Indian place do you guys like? There's a fantastic one here in South Jersey, but we're always looking for someplace new and fun. Also, I saw your temple post. Could you get back to me whether you have done the work for my cousin Sally Rose Hammer (Aunt Ruth's daughter)? I would like to do her work. skdberry (at) gmail (dot) com. Thanks, girly.