Thursday, April 23, 2009

A baby and her blankie

First, some blurry pictures. Katrina really loves her rocking horse, which is actually a unicorn with a jewel for an eye and a pretty pink mane and tail. She's getting good at rocking it by herself.

Also, she is what I like to call, a Baby Shark.

I have relaxed my rule that the blankie stays in the crib because so often lately she's been inexplicably sad and the blanke makes it better. Sometimes I even think she calls it her "baba." I can't tell. When she says that, she won't repeat it.
Here she carefully picked up both sides of it so it would be wrapped around her like a cape.

She especially loves to cuddle into us while cuddling her blankie too. And she likes to suck her thumb through the blankie.

Now isn't that just the cutest little girlie in the world?


Momza said...

She is too wonderfully adorable!
Psst: congrats on the good news!

Amanda said...

Awww! She looks so sweet. Brooklyn has been getting attached to her "silkie" blankets the past month or so too. She doesn't have to have one particular blankie, it just has to be one with a silky side. So I got her a little tiny one she can carry around easily and she really likes it :) She does the same thing as Katrina...she likes to snuggle up to us with her silkies :)