Tuesday, April 28, 2009

12 Month Appointment

The pediatrician visit today was fairly simple and easy, and we didn't have to wait nearly as long as usual to see the doctor. Katrina is measuring at 20 3/4 lbs, 29.25 inches, and a huge head still. Her percentiles are 40th for weight, 50th for height, and 80th for head. The doctor had no concerns. Katrina did need three shots, so I brought her blankie to the appointment for that part. I'm not sure if it helped though. She got pretty mad, but then quickly became rather lethargic. She's had that reaction to shots before. I'm pretty sure she'll sleep all the way until I wake her up to go pick up her daddy from work.

This week is so slow. I can't get up the motivation to do anything, even exercise, because of the 90 degree heat outside. We are planning on celebrating my birthday with family on Thursday and with each other on Friday while my visiting teacher babysits Katrina. She is really nice about that. I think she's babysat Katrina on two or three occasions for us, and it's always been her idea. She much prefers doing service for me each month than visiting, which is fine by me. That reminds me though that I forgot to make appointments with my visiting teach-ees on Sunday, and I was planning on Thursday anyway, so that's out of the question now. Hmm. Maybe I can get one during the day, though I'll probably not be able to visit the other sister.

I really am having serious motivation issues these days. My house is super dirty. I haven't even swept the bathroom floors in weeks, let alone cleaned everything. A large part of that is because I've seen centipedes in our bathrooms a couple times, and it's seriously skeezed me out, so I'm afraid to clean. The kitchen is in a constant state of half the dishes in our kitchen on the counter while the other half are in the dishwasher. I haven't vacuumed in weeks. I keep trying to do other productive things, but have no interest in finishing the other quilt or any other sewing project. Right now I'm just considering taking a nap. Anyone have suggestions for getting out of my rut?

That said, a nap sounds so good right now, so I'm going to do that. Happy Tuesday, everyone!

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Elise said...

Oh, yay for big heads! What a smartie.

And I hear you on the motivation thing. Oh boy, do I hear you. It took me a loooong time to work through that, especially since it was hardest for me to be home all day when Everett was around Katrina's age. I think I'm doing better now, but it is only because I have given myself daily "deadlines". The house has to be picked-up by the time Joel gets home. This isn't some submissive wife thing, it is because 1) if it is done by then I can enjoy the evening, 2) I know it is more relaxing for Joel to come home to a clean house, and 3) It makes dinner more relaxing for me.

But I always have him call me when he's on his way because I've usually procrastinated until that point :). (he he, but he doesn't know that is the reason!) And before the kids take a nap, I make them help me (sometimes it takes longer that way, but oh well) do a pick-up. It's purely selfish; I can't enjoy my "break" as much if things are disorderly. Once we do a pick-up, which never takes as long as I think it will, and we only do the living areas, I make sure the windows are free and light is coming in. . .and then I watch something on hulu.com or I sleep. It's so nice!

So anyway, that was a super long comment that wasn't much help. I'm sorry :). I guess the best advice I have is what I am still working on--and that is to give myself little deadlines, and when I make something to eat, I have to clean up then, even if it means putting all the stuff away and only rinsing off my dishes.

But if the house is generally picked-up (notice I didn't say cleaned. . .we always have dirty floors here), I notice a 2000% improvement of my mood, and in my motivation to do something. Also, I never want to sew if my sewing area is cluttered or disorganized. You're probably fine with this, but maybe if you take a day and get things all spiffed up over there, even if you have to go out and get some things to help organize, I think you'll be happier to do projects. I don't know, maybe? What do you think?

Let me know if you find a solution! I could use one too sometimes!