Sunday, March 29, 2009

Sunday Sweets

I read this blog called Cake Wrecks that shows a bunch of professional, awful cakes. On Sundays it features Sunday Sweets, or cakes done well. This is my Sunday Sweets post to make up for a whole weeks of sick posts.

I think I am finally over the hump. Katrina varies from day to day. She has been miserable since waking up from her nap an hour ago. I fed her dinner, tried desparately to entertain her, and just barely put her back in bed. So yesterday, when I checked on her before going to bed, she was asleep on her stomach. That's pretty unusual, but she also had her legs curled up under her so that her little rear end was sticking up in the air. It was pretty cute. She woke up briefly and rolled over to stare up at me, but then rolled right back and stuck her rump in the air again.

Today we made it to church! It was a little rough sometimes, since she has to go so long without a nap, but Adam and I made it through. He's happy too because he now has as many as six deacons when they all come, and the two new ones seem really enthusiastic. I made it through Primary, which was surprisingly difficult, actually. I've even been playing piano more at home lately, especially song #100, Baptism ("Jesus came to John the Baptist, In Judea long ago..."), but today I really struggled through it all. Oh well. I will just keep practicing. The chorister wants me to eventually play it incredibly fast, but I just don't think I'll be able to get those triplets up to the speed she wants.

For a Sunday drive we went out to look at a house we saw online. It's a foreclosure and definitely a fixer-upper, but one that is very liveable and has a whole acre of land. We definitely will keep it in mind if we ever decide to make the plunge and buy a house.

Well, I don't have much to do with Katrina in bed and Adam at a meeting, so I think I will work on my machine quilting technique so I can start on the actual quilt. Fun!

Oh, and Adam took some decongestant before he left. I think he might be sick after all. His mom suggested some medicine that she takes to shorten colds and I think we will definitely start him on it tomorrow, just so he doesn't have the horrible experience that I've had.

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