Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Still sick

Well, I thought Katrina was over this cold, but it just keeps on lingering. Sunday was great, but yesterday she alternated between fine and super cranky, with a runny nose all day. Today she woke up coughing pretty badly. Once she was up, she still was having lots of problems breathing and didn't want to nurse. In fact, I just realized now that she hasn't eaten today. Oops. But when we got back from taking Adam to work I put her straight down for a nap and she fell asleep within minutes. We also tried the steam thing again while Adam showered, but that mostly just turned into her trying to play peekaboo with the curtain. I tried showering with her, but she refused to sit on the floor (would you want to sit on that cold tub either?) and I couldn't stand there holding her for very long before the hot water started to run out.

Here is a picture of my first quilt top progress.

(Okay, brief explanation of why I use poor quality cell phone pictures so often when I have a perfectly good camera. We have a desktop and a laptop. The laptop has no battery and so always has to be plugged it--turning it into pretty much another desktop. We just don't have a desk for it. So if I want to use it, I have to find an empty power outlet--difficult--, put it on the floor or somewhere away from Katrina--also difficult--, and use it that way. And my camera has a memory stick that only works in the laptop. Explanation over.)

It's a little difficult to see, but you can kind of see where I patched different pieces of fabric together for each strip. All the pieces are sewn together except the light strip and medium strip on the far right. And it all needs to be sewn to the horizontal dark strip, which unfortunately, is 1" too short. That's all right. It'll work.

My biggest difficulties have been with the triangles. My first method ended up with a lot of funny angles and measurements. My improved method ended up with good angles and measurements, but the corners of all of the triangles are cut off in the seams. It still looks all right, but mostly because the quilt is so patchwork-y, and I will be embroidering over the whole thing. We'll see if I can improve my methods for the second quilt.

I'm really enjoying the project, and the experimenting is all very beneficial. So what if I have to learn by mistake? That makes it fun.

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