Friday, March 13, 2009

So excited

I just completed a present for my nephew. He turned 2 yesterday and we're celebrating his birthday on Sunday. So I won't post pictures until then, but I'm so excited!!!! It's really cool. :] And even though it didn't turn out perfectly all the time, I really enjoyed making it. I also experimented a little, which often turns out poorly for me, but this time turned out all right.
Okay, now I have to share something else awesome. I recently started reading a blog called The Pioneer Woman. She has posts about her life, homeschooling, photography, and cooking. This week she got together with another blogger, Bakerella, and they are putting up tutorials for fondant-covered cupcakes and for candied cake-pops. I am in awe of their talent. Just look at these pictures and you'll agree that these would be super fun to make sometime.

There were a bunch more varieties, but these were especially fun. I so want to make Mii cupcakes now.

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Elise said...

Well Hellooooooo, where are the pictures of YOUR creation, you closet genius?