Friday, March 27, 2009

Small leap for babykind

We had sort of a difficult night last night. When the doctor said Katrina's cough would get worse before it got better, I thought it would get worse right away, and so I assumed that Tuesday and Wednesday were the worst and now it would get better, right? Nope. She was coughing so much and stuffed up so badly that she couldn't stay asleep for longer than a few minutes. Our trusty pediatrician's website gave us a few tips that ended up working like gold. First, we had to clear her nose with a bulb syringe. Normally that would make her scream, but she seemed to realize quickly that it brought relief. Next we dribbled some drops of saline spray into her nose. Immediate relief! Then we headed to the store for a cool mist humidifier. The combination enable her to fall back asleep peacefully. She did wake up once in the middle of the night and I had to go pick her up and let her get off her back briefly for some relief. But then she went straight back to sleep.

I woke up with a cough. I guess I really am on the exact timeline that she is. At least it's not the worst cough that I've ever had, and it's mostly after I've been lying down, which I do less than the baby, so I'm affected less. I've already asked someone to sub for me in Primary on Sunday in case I have to miss church again.

But anyway, want to hear something that's not related to congested noses and whiny mommies, I mean babies? Katrina was so happy when I went to get her from her nap, like usual. She always rolls around a lot and squeals. I opened her blinds, found some clothes for her to wear, and turned around to see her sitting up in her crib! Now Katrina can already pull herself up to a sitting position with our hands, and if she's lying on a pillow or a boppy she can muscle her way to a sitting position. But going from full-out lying down to sitting up? I've never seen her do that. She seemed pretty proud of herself too, and relished the new perspective. Seeing that I have one of the most unmotivated babies of all time when it comes to gross motor progress, I was thrilled. Hopefully she develops this new skill further and it inspires her to try grander pursuits, like, hmm, walking? I fully believe that she could walk right now if she weren't so scared of standing without holding on to something.

I really wish I had the stroller today, because the weather is nice and I think the fresh air would do us both some good. I'll have to go tomorrow while Adam is off fundraising with the Scouts.

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Elise said...

I hear you on the fresh air. I'm going to wrangle these sick kids out of the house one way or another today.

Sorry to hear about the coughing (yours and Katrina's). But I am excited to hear about her progress! See! What did I tell you? She knows how to do it, but she just doesn't. That is why she did it all of a sudden, instead of taking 20 minutes to figure it out. She is right on track, so don't worry!

Actually, I have heard that girls are slower with their gross motor development but faster with their fine motor skills. What do you think?