Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post #2--Attack the cheerios, "crawling" and other videos

(Sorry that some of the videos go on longer than necessary. I used to try to make all of my videos short so that I could easily blog them, but these days I video more so that Adam can see what she did all day. I could edit them shorter, but, well, I'd have to figure out how, and I am squishing this into her naps and meals)

Witness Katrina's first attempts at crawling--really crawling. Well, scooting. It's lucky for us that she wants the camera so badly.

Here's another angle the next night. About halfway through she gives up, but this gives a better view of how she sticks her head in the ground, extends her arm and leg on one side, and then switches.

We brought home some balloons from Jordan's party. Katrina really liked them. This one is long and I should have shortened it. Skip to the end for a cute moment.

Playing with her bowl. For some reason Katrina often puts objects like this on her face and breathes into them. She sounds a little Darth Vaderish sometimes.

And lastly, a game she plays that I call Attack the Cheerios.

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Jolena said...

I love the attack of the cheerios one. They don't stand a chance with her around!