Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Post #1-Bedroom pillows

My mounted plates that I painted. I like how the silver shines through the paint in the sunlight.
The pillowcase covers that I made. Adam's mom had an extra long pillow that she didn't need anymore, so I didn't have to buy a bunch of batting, I just had to cover the existing pillow. Nice!

Oops. Yeah, I calculated that I had the perfect amount of fabric, but then I decided to make the front side 2 inches longer than I originally planned...leaving me about three inches short on the back. I decided, who cares? and finished it like planned.

The whole effect. What's nice is that every pillow except the long one was already on our bed. Adam and I aren't really a fan of excessive pillows. But we each already had two pillows, and the small blue one goes between my knees to help my back alignment at night. You can't really see the long blue one from this angle, but it's in the back.

Entire room. Someday I hope to have a place for my keyboard and sewing machine other than in my room, but I still am fairly fond of my sewing nook and music nook. Oh, and I hope to get curtains up on those windows for my birthday next month.


Momza said...

First, I love the fabric you chose for the pillow cases! Love it!
Second, you need to make a smaller pillow in the same fabric for the bed--even if you don't like lots of small pillows, it will compliment the other throws you have there.And 3rd, try lowering your artwork on the wall to eye-level. Either your bed is way low, or the art work is a lil high.
You're doing great!

Jolena said...

I love it! I agree on getting small yellow pillows, but that's mostly just because I love lots of pillows. :) I really like how the art work looks on the wall. It looks really good in the light. Good job!

Evenspor said...

I like it. I especially like the colors you picked and the way you used them.