Wednesday, March 11, 2009

New things and a recipe

Here are some new things Katrina has learned:

Magnetism- she has some magnetic blocks and hemispheres that I got her last month. She finally figured out not only how to take them apart, but how to put them back together. Yesterday I caught her trying to get one to stick to a non-magnetic ball.

Balls- she is getting really good at rolling balls. She also really likes it when I bounce them.

Sharing- I gave her something yesterday and she smiled and gave it right back. I said, "Oh thank you!" and returned it. We proceeded to pass it back and forth for awhile. I found out when we were playing the same game with my cell phone that she definitely expects it to be returned to her, but hey--it's progress. Oh, and when she takes it back, if she gets too grabby and violent I just tell her to be more gentle and she takes the object more carefully.

Pattycake- she loved it when I tried to pat her hands during the game. Of course, it was right before bedtime, and she's the most giggly then

Hi- she's been doing this for awhile, but when we tell her hi she waves her hand and says "huuuuuuuuhhh," which I interpret as "hi." Adam says it doesn't count as her first word. (By the way, she still doesn't say "mama", just "dadadadada" and other syllables. She sometimes says "Nuhnuh," which should make her Nana happy!

Shrieking- okay, this isn't new, but it has reached epic proportions. I can sometimes get her to quiet down, but rarely. She likes to make little fast, loud shrieks on her changing pad and that echoes in her room. It's an awful habit, and possibly dangerous, since she screamed next to Adam's ear on Saturday or Sunday and he still can't hear properly out of that ear. That worries me a lot.

Walking around the table- she can cruise around our entire dinner table, going from chair to table leg and so forth. She gets there from her lion by way of the high chair, and when she gets all the way around, she cruises back to her lion and is off!

I think that's all that's new. Here's the recipe, which is what she and I are currently eating.

Enchiladas (adapted from my mom's Chicken Enchilada recipe)
1-2 packages of corn tortillas (flour works too), ripped in half or quarters
Ground meat, cooked (I used turkey)
Family size can of cream of chicken soup
Can of chicken rice
Lots of grated cheddar cheese (just don't grate your knuckles, like I did. Ouch, and yuck)
A package of taco seasoning

Cook up the meat. Throw in half of the taco seasoning. Mix together meat, cream of chicken soup, a little water, chicken rice, onions, and the remaining taco seasoning.

In a 9x13 dish, layer tortillas, mixture, and cheese. Cook at 350 for 45 min. Optional--turn oven off and leave in for another 30 min.

My mom usually uses chunks of chicken and puts in green chile instead of taco seasoning, but Adam doesn't like them, so I use this variation. Also, I wanted ground turkey last night and not chicken, so that's why I made that choice. I used the chicken rice mostly because I had it and will never use it, and I wanted to have enough liquid. I ended up only putting the rice part in and next time I think I will just add rice separately, since the chicken rice has a funny, strong flavor that added a little bit of an undertaste to the dish. Other than that, it's delicious. Katrina loves it too, which is impressive, since new food these days goes in her mouth, then somehow happens to fall off of her tongue into her bib. Every time.

My parents are on their mission in Salt Lake City! They are working in the Translation Department. My mom sent me an email last night telling me about their first couple of days and it sounds pretty awesome. General Conference for them should be intense, since they are overseeing 16 languages, including a bunch from Micronesia. We all wondered why they ended up there, since they only speak English, but apparently my dad's IT skills and my mom's willingness to use computers and learn a new language were helpful deciding factors. Now that I think about it, I bet a lot of senior missionaries wouldn't be able to use computers the same way my parents can.

Shrieking and babbling baby alert--"Ayayayayayaya!" Better go get her, she's done eating.


Tasha's Life said...

I love the update! Thanks! Where are the newest batch of pictures? :)
I talked to Mom and Dad last night. They are really excited and it sounds really cool. They will be kept very busy (maybe it will keep them out of trouble, too!). Hee hee.

Elise said...

Thanks for the update. It's all these little things I miss knowing when I don't live close to you. And don't worry about the so-called "bullying". No one in my house sees/saw it that way. She was just trying to get this slowpoke little baby to move. What else could she do? Ashley was blocking her way! Just chalk it up to her being very smart and very determined.