Sunday, March 1, 2009

Little milestones

Adam will be sorry he had to go to BYC/Break the Fast tonight. Katrina is excelling at all sorts of things. First of all, she was cruising all along the smal couch, back and forth, back and forth. She was drinking from her sippy like a pro, and when she dropped it, I watched with bated breath as she leaned down, still holding onto the couch with one hand, and picked it up! Then, I decided to see if she would stand on her own again. Wow, she fights that. I couldn't get any standing out of her, but a few times when I let go she walked a few steps before/at the same time as falling. I tried to make her walk to me, but she just fell forward for me to catch her. I also tried to make her walk to lion and she took a couple steps! Then she did it again! When I tried to catch it on camera it didn't work very well. I then took pity on her (she wasn't crying, but she was not too happy still), and let her cruise again. I decided to broaden her range by moving the coffee table away from the long couch and let her go. Immediately she moved from the couch to the small side table and has been scooting back and forth ever since. I love seeing her learn and do new things! She also has some teeth on top poking through. I really hope they make it all the way soon.

Well, that's all. She's getting bored and it's getting close to bedtime.

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