Thursday, March 12, 2009

In "mourning"

Yes, that is right. I am in "mourning." Katrina is now only nursing once a day, first thing after she wakes up. The past month or so, evenings have been a struggle, so that was the most obvious choice for the first feeding to go. But her two daytime feedings are also sometimes a struggle and she usually ends up crying afterwards, which really upsets me because I don't know why. So yesterday I tried something. When she woke up from her nap, I just didn't nurse her. And then an hour later she ate lunch, like normal. And then after her second nap, I didn't nurse her either. She snacked like normal, and then ate dinner with us. At bedtime I tried, but she refused. And guess what? She was happy all day yesterday.

So I'm really sad because Katrina doesn't want to nurse anymore, except in the morning. And I know that if I offer it during the day, she's likely to take me up on it sometimes. But it really is stressful to fight to get her to pay attention. So I think I just need to let it go. I've always wanted to do baby-led weaning, and I kind of feel like this is more mommy-getting-sick-of-nursing-weaning, but at the same time--she didn't notice a difference yesterday. So I think that that indicates it's alright to stop nursing her during the day. (Though to be honest, I'm having enough of a hard time with this that I might keep trying during the day, at least until she's closer to a year, when she can drink cow's milk.)

However, it does leave me with a desire to call my mom and mope to her. But she's on her mission, so I'll have to wait until the weekend or just email her.

On a happier note, I just posted a bunch of pictures and videos. I tried to narrow it down to the cutest, but it was sure difficult!


Amber said...

I think that sounds for sure like baby-fed weaning. If she wanted to nurse more, she would. Megan did the same thing. Her last time nursing was at 11 months.
The only thing that really bugged me was having to buy formula for a month! But it also made me grateful that I didn't have to before that. Anyway. I love her laugh with the bouncing ball. And her hair is getting so long! Cute.

Jolena said...

You can call me and mope about it. I've got your back! I love the video where Adam is "chasing" her and then she stops to give him a big wet kiss. I especially like watching him wipe it off his face. :) What a cute little one you have! I can't wait to see you two and her at the reunion. Bill has already said he plans on lots of Katrina play time. :) Love ya!

Jessi, DJ, Annica and Eli said...

We went through the same thing with Eli. IT was so hard, and he wasn't close to a year! They can't get enough of it when they are younger, but they can't get enough of everything else BUT nursing as they grow. Its such a difficult situation! I am sorry! She will still grow and be healthy though, this we know!

Mom said...

Hey Tori you can call me and whine! This is definately baby led weaning, if it was mommy led she would cry when you didn't feed her - not get bored when you do. She'll be fine - really. She keeps on growing up between visits.

Charndra at Part TIme Diaper Free said...

have you called a Breastfeeding Counsellor for a chat? They'll help you look into all the possible reasons for her behaviour.

I wonder if it is a Nursing Strike - there is a great article on it at the Natural Child Project called "Is My Baby on a Nursing Strike?"

If she weans and you are missing the connection, have a look into baby pottying as another window into your relationship - it enhances our bond into a new dimension.

It may even be a reason she is fussing at the breast. (check my link)

best of luck!


P.S Another lovely resource for breastfeeding is '' - wonderful - you might find a mom there who's shared a similar experience? The stories are inspiring, and she also has links to breastfeeding support links.

Evenspor said...

Like everyone else said, it sounds baby-led to me. I think weaning is a little bit of back and forth. I understand if you're feeling a little blue sometimes at the prospect of it being over, but don't feel guilty. It sounds like you are doing what's appropriate for both of you.