Thursday, March 26, 2009

I think 6:00 is a good bedtime for adults and babies

Katrina is in bed by 6:30 pm. Are we cruel parents? Probably. She wanted to go to sleep at about 6:00 but we kept her up. She refused to take an afternoon nap, so she was pretty cranky.

Bleh. My life, two words: still sick.

Adam's mom came over today and helped me out. I'm so thankful. She also got me real Sudafed instead of the knock-off brand I had been using, and it seems to work a bit better. Adam took care of Katrina and cooked up dinner with the chicken that I optimistically put in the fridge last night thinking that I would cook it today. Pretty much all that I can do now is keep taking the Sudafed and maybe put my head over a pot of boiling potatoes (it's a Russia thing. Why potatoes? I don't know, but that's what they do.)

I think Katrina figured out that "nana" is the name of her, well, Nana. She said it several times today while cruising to her Nana today. And then after she left, I was laying on my bed with Katrina next to me. She started to get bored and started yelling out "Nananana!" I really think she was hoping her Nana would come and save her and make her life more interesting!

I'm off to go finish off the orange juice and attempt to get some quilting done. Adam is enjoying playing our new Harry Potter Wii game. It's the first actual game we've bought. The only danger is that I always try to watch what he's doing and then stab my finger with the needle.

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