Monday, March 30, 2009

I hate this thread

I am so mad right now I actually had to keep myself from swearing. Seeing that I've never sworn in my life, you can understand that I really am mad. And it's for such a stupid reason. My cheap thread keeps getting caught in my sewing machine, and 3/4 of the way through my quilting project, my needle breaks. I then went through five needles in the next half an hour. I wasn't doing anything differently from the rest of the quilt! And now I have about five inches squared of fabric that needs to be quilted, and no more needles.

And I think I have an ear infection.

I promise to be happier in a few minutes, but for the next five minutes I'm going to let myself hate life.


Momza said...

needle problems usually = wrong needle strength for fabric thickness.
And being sick always makes for a cranky momma. You're allowed. It's in the Mommy handbook.

Anonymous said...

Tori, your blog is so cute, so is Katrina. I think she looks like your Dad!! That is a compliment. Take care. Love, Nannette Jones