Thursday, March 5, 2009

Friday Eve

I guess it's been a few days, hasn't it? Well it's been a slow week. Mostly I've been working on a fun sewing project. It's almost completed. Just one more trip to Jo-Ann's! I'm so glad that we live near one.

It's also been a tiring week because Katrina is going to bed later and waking up early. Every night she goes to sleep at 7 or 7:30, but she's cranky for a good hour before that. And then she wakes up at 6:00 every day, 6:30 if we're fortunate. Getting one less hour of sleep has really made my energy and motivation lag during the day. I can't even get up the motivation to exercise most days, which means that along with my poor eating habits, my body is suffering from my abuse of it. It's been a tough week. And I'm doing my best to not call Adam and ask when he's coming home because I don't want to hear the inevitable answer of "not for awhile." I might get lucky and he might pull in any minute, but when I talked to him earlier he was having a really busy day, so I doubt it. He's making dinner tonight, so I don't really get a break from the baby, but at least I don't have to cook!

Katrina has made huge progress with her assisted walking. She went from walking in straight lines to being able to turn around at obstacles to now being able to easily circumnavigate her lion and change directions at any point. In fact, today I watched her walk in circles around the lion for over five minutes. She never actually walked anywhere. She also doesn't run into things anymore, that she can see, at least. If she's approaching a wall or couch or shelf, she automatically circles around to the other end and switches direction. On the other hand, she figured out that if she sits down any time I try to put her on the floor, she can avoid my efforts to make her stand by herself. This is frustrating when I just want to walk somewhere with her, or even put her next to her lion. I have to persuade her every time that I'm not going to let go. My own zeal on Sunday has backfired on me! She never cries, she just sits down, or she lifts her legs up and refuses to put them on the ground. Smart baby. We still hope that she'll be walking on her own within the month. Oh, and I swear I walked in on her trying to crawl in her crib today. Practicing so she can surprise us, maybe? :]

Oh, and she has two more top teeth that just appeared, with the other two teeth approaching soon. She took three naps yesterday, was cranky, and had a low fever. I think it was directly related to the teeth.

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Jolena said...

so you know she is yours and Adam's offspring, which makes her automatically extremely smart and also extremely sure of exactly what she wants. :) Good luck with that. lol