Saturday, March 21, 2009

For the first Saturday in awhile, we got to sleep in today! Katrina was making these little whimpers and occasionally crying, but then she would be quiet. At a little before 9, I couldn't really justify staying in bed any longer, and so even though it's usually Adam's job to get her in the morning, I got her. I'm not sure what's up with her, but she's been way cranky and sad all morning. She refused to nurse, and it seemed like she was stuffed up, so I took her into the bathroom and let her breathe some of the steam while Adam showered. She felt super hot, but when we took her temperature at breakfast, she was only at only 99.1 We just put her back to bed, so she was only up for an hour, but she was obviously tired. She only says "Mama" when she's really upset, and she has said it several times this morning.

Other than that, this should be a nice Saturday. I have a Primary Activity this afternoon and then Adam and Katrina will join me after that for Stake Heritage night. There will be food and displays, etc, from other countries.

My newest project (since I always have to have one these days!) will be a quilting one. I read the blog SewMamaSew and a few weeks back they had a tutorial for a doll quilt. I thought that might be a fun way to try out quilting. But quilts really aren't my style, if that makes sense. Other than my 16th birthday quilt that my grandma made, and which I love to death, I don't really like them. So what would I do with a quilt? I thought about making a small one to hang on the wall in Katrina's room, and make it all pastel-y green and yellow. But then Adam's grandmother showed me a quilt she has been working on for awhile. It's done in an Impressionist style. She used 2 inch squares for the whole thing and created a picture with them. It's so cool to see these little squares, which are all of different fabrics, blend into each other to create garden, sky, and the occasional little cat peeking out. It's amazing.

That inspired me to see what other kinds of quilts are out there. I searched "watercolor quilts," which is what she made. I also searched "art quilts," and I loved what I found. I found the website of Carol Taylor, an award-winning quilter. One of her styles especially struck me. Look at this quilt! Isn't that amazing?

Here is the detail:
And here is a smaller quilt made the same way, and then put on stretchers and up on the wall.

Now look at my couch pillows:

Hmm. Similar, huh?. I have been wanting to have some sort of art or something in our living room that brought out that design from the pillows. Our living room is brown and a little blah, and these pillows are the only interesting design element. So now I have my newest project! I will be making two small quilts that will hang on the wall. I still haven't decided whether to hang them or put them on stretchers, but either way, I think they will look cool, especially with the embroidered circles. My mother-in-law came over yesterday and while she was here I used her sewing and design expertise to advise me on how to make this work. I had already bought some fat quarters (pieces of fabric) in different shades of brown. Together we figured out how I could make it work, and then last night I spent drawing out what it will look like and figuring out measurements. My process was very mathematical, since I really do have a very concrete-sequential brain sometimes. Every piece is planned beforehand.

The nice thing about this project is that it should take awhile! Adam is hesitant about having quilts hanging on the wall (he's even less into quilts than me), but I'm confident it will look sufficiently "cool" afterwards that he won't have a problem with them. And if he doesn't like them, it will probably be like my mom's kitchen painting project that ended up with the dining room being painted bright pink (as a Father's Day surprise)--my dad didn't necessarily love the color, but he was very appreciative of all the effort my mom put into it!

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Evenspor said...

I didn't used to be in to quilts either. Then I got a tour of the studio of an art quilter. I'm checking out Carol Taylor's page now. Really cool stuff.

Good luck on your project. A mathematical mind will probably benefit you greatly in quilting.