Tuesday, March 24, 2009


Well, Katrina had a huge coughing fit at lunch that scared me badly enough that I called the doctor. The office was virtually empty because they are only taking sick patients this week (they said it's because of Spring Break), but we still had to wait awhile. The doctor checked her and thankfully her ears and throat look good, but the doctor was a little concerned that the fever was back. She thinks its a cold/bronchitis sort of thing and says the cough may get worse before it gets better, and if Katrina's appetite doesn't get better, then to bring her back tomorrow. Katrina was pretty unphased by the coughing. At the doctor's office she was wiggly and cruising around, which let me know that she was already feeling better.

But then I think I made things worse by not going home right away. I wanted to finish the errands that were the reason I drove Adam today. I got a church key copied, and then I could have gone right home, but I decided to do the other errand, which was to pick up an Eagle Scout award packet for Adam over in Valley Forge. Katrina fell asleep on the way, but stubborn me wanted to stop by JoAnns since it is right next to the BSA office, so after getting the Eagle packet I went to JoAnns. Katrina was making whining noises from the beginning but I tried to be quick. Then I had a massive internal debate about whether to get a rotary cutter/mat/ruler, which would make life so much easier. It would have been only $20 with my coupon, but in an effort to not use all our discretionary money up right after payday, I finally passed it up. Then foam-woman and special order-woman slowed things up while waiting for one yard of fabric to be cut, all the while Katrina had sprung out in full-out wails. As I started to go up, one woman asked "Aren't we supposed to have numbers?" and I said "I only have one yard and my baby is crying, so I'm going." I did not finish my thought, which was "And I was here first, and this was the second time I waited because of foam-woman, and you have a cart full of about ten bolts, so deal."

Katrina fell asleep on the way home. Luckily she fell asleep in her crib too, which sometimes doesn't work after she's napped in the car. I am ready for a nap too, especially because my own cold symptoms, which have been very mild versions of Katrina's, are starting to get stronger. Oh, and I rushed off to the doctor without eating lunch, so besides the apple and peanut butter I just ate, I've only eaten half a bowl of cereal and a little bit of homemade Butterfinger and cream ice cream (it's yummy, I don't care how unhealthy it is). I told Adam he gets dinner.

Why am I blogging instead of napping? I think it's because I'm afraid to lie down because then I'll fall asleep, wake up a moment later to find that an hour has passed, plus Katrina will be crying and Adam will be calling for me to pick him up. Bleh.

The good news is that this illness is pretty much what I though--a cold. But I'm still glad I went in and crossed off the possibilities of an ear infection and stuff in her lungs (she's also breathing funny). Our copayment is low (until May, when it will shoot up. Having coworkers with large medical bills affects our insurance, unfortunately).

Oh, and I bought fun metallic gold thread for the quilting part. So, that's cool.

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