Sunday, March 8, 2009

Bully baby

So I discovered, to my horror, that my baby is a bully. Yesterday we visited my good friend Elise and her family while in D.C. and it was a wonderful evening. Yummy dinner, fun times watching the kids, and just really nice to connect with old friends face to face. But back to the bullying part--I was a little shocked to see Katrina repeatedly shove the other baby three months younger than her, pull out her pacifier over and over, and even pull her hair! It was all right, the other baby is used to getting roughly handled by her older brother, but still! Katrina doesn't spend much time around other children, so she was fascinated by the two kids, but she is also obviously used to getting her own way. Today at church another little girl came up to her and Katrina tried to take her toy and then shove her face when the other little girl was in her personal space for too long.

Obvious solution? Have another baby, STAT. Don't want to let this little girl get too spoiled, right?

Judt kidding. But still, it makes you feel awful when you realize your wonderful perfect baby is becoming a normal, imperfect toddler, and you are responsible for teaching her better behavior. And she really is seeming older all the time. This weekend we discovered we can hand her an entire sandwich or cheesestick and she will happily eat the entire thing, so no need to rip them up into small pieces anymore. I fed her peas from a bowl today and the bowl did not end up on the floor until after she had eaten all of the peas. She chases me around the coffee table with maniacal laughter and no hesitation. She gives us kisses when we ask and often kisses us without us even having to ask. She seems to respond more when we ask her to do things. (Though one of my baby newsletters this week said that she's at a stage now where she may pretend not to hear you if she doesn't want to do what you say--I believe that!). She also did amazingly well with babysitters yesterday for about two hours while we were at the temple. We were the only couple to use the ward-provided babysitting, so she had a sister from the ward and two young women to watch her. Two of them were probably familiar, but I still was a little nervous. Turned out she loved it and did great.

Yesterday was a horrible/really nice day. The temple was great, as well as visiting Elise, but all the driving and the awful traffic sure made things miserable sometimes. We were happy to be home. We relaxed today, went on a walk, went on a nice drive, and then weren't able to get Katrina to bed until after 9. We'll see what Daylight Savings Time does to our schedules. I just hope to be able to sleep in tomorrow! Oh, and I loved the spring-like weather. It's shortlived, since snow is in the forecast this week, but I loved loved loved how nice it was this weekend.

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