Friday, February 20, 2009

V-Day, clippies, and hair

These are the beautiful flowers Adam gave me for Valentines Day. They made me very happy. I love flowers. Roses are quite nice, but since they die so quickly, I prefer receiving other flowers. These ones are bright and fun.

I have been wanting to get little alligator and ribbon clippies for Katrina for awhile, especially since the headbands were such failures (she pulls them right off), and these were cheap at Wal-mart. I decided to stick them all in her hair!

Heart-shaped pizza for Valentines Day!

My new haircut with bangs. I have my hair pulled back in a half pony tail. I'm not sure how I feel about it yet. The bangs are awful--they are the trendy get-stuck-in-your-eyes type. I like the look, though. Yesterday she styled my hair curly and it was everywhere! I straigtened it later and it looked so much better, but the ends were all choppy, probably since I told her I usually wear it curly. So I did it curly myself today, and didn't diffuse it like she did. The volume is still a problem for me. I think I look like Cathy, from the comic strip. This is why I don't cut my hair short. If this hairstyle only looks good dried and straightened, that stinks.

A picture to show the length. If I can find ways to work with it, I'll be happy. For instance, I have the longer side of my bangs bobby pinned to the side and the shorter side free. It makes me less crazy and looks all right. And if I need to, I can wear it half-up until it grows long enough to weigh itself down again. Product is only so helpful. I have thick, yet fine hair. I want it to curl, but when it gets too curly, like last night, it just goes straight up and out.

Whatever. It'll grow. Right now I'm just really irked because Katrina won't fall asleep. I need to go rotate her and re-cover her because her blankets are probably all over the place.

Next post will have photos from a real camera, not a cell phone, plus a video or two of Katrina walking around with her lion.


Jolena said...

so despite all your comments about your hair, i think it looks really cute in these pictures and i'm excited to see more! Way to go doing a huge change! That's always scary, but can be really fun

sb said...

I went for those kinds of bangs too, as I think they're cute, but if I don't straighten them, they look scary.

If you make some of those BabyLegs, I've seen some ladies who don't bother making a second cuff - they just fold the end and either hand or machine sew it to finish it. If you make some, I'd love to see them on Katrina!