Tuesday, February 3, 2009

So incredibly sick

Remember how I mentioned that Adam's family was recovering from being sick? Well as we left that night, it turns out his dad was just then starting to feel sick. Poor guy. I know what he was dealing with. And poor us, because since last night, Adam and I have been so sick that we are out of commission.

My nausea began right before bedtime, but I managed to fall asleep and got almost three hours of sleep before it got too bad and I woke up. I was super worried about passing it to Adam and Katrina but about four or five in the morning Adam got sick too. Katrina hasn't showed too much discomfort, but I'm not positive she's in the clear. It's a nasty bug, though. I slept on the bathroom floor for a couple hours.

Adam's wonderful mother came over. She had it last week (with a broken rib! I can't imagine the pain), so she's in no danger. Sne brought us crackers and liquids and is cleaning and disinfecting everything. She's also watching Katrina. Katrina knows something is up, but thankfully she's behaving very well.

I'm still super nauseated, but as long as I stay on the couch with lots of blankets to fight the chills, I'm good. It's a 24-hour type thing. Adam has a coworker fighting brain cancer, so when he's sick they don't want him anywhere near the office. Poor Adam. He's even worse than me. He's taking a nap, which I'm going to try to do too. The worse problem at this point is my back. Throwing up violently several times an hour wrenched it horribly again.


Jolena said...

I'm sorry you feel so sick! I hope you get better soon! It's so nice that Carol lives near enough to come help out.

Elise said...

Tori, I am so sorry! It's no fun to be sick, but it's especially no fun to have both of you sick at the same time. Thank goodness for the in-laws. I think this thing is going around everywhere. It sounds an awful lot like something we had at our house a couple of months ago, which Joel never got, the jerk :).