Sunday, February 15, 2009

Plogs plogs plogs

I was planning on having a nice post with pictures of our Valentines stuff and Adam's new tent and talking about how nice it is to be home. Bleh. I might get to that but first I have to complain:

--I got a cold somehow, even though I only went out of the house twice. Either I got it from the teenage girl or from Lunch Bunch, where there were lots of toddlers. I can't breathe and I hate life.

--I have two canker sores, one on each side of my mouth. Eating is really hard and I keep eating acidic foods, which I'm sure is not helping. But we haven't gone shopping yet, so there's not much choice. And you try turning down cheesy breadsticks and heart-shaped pizza.

--I am freezing. The apartment is warming up slowly, and I could get another blanket, but that would require either asking Adam to get it, which requires talking (difficult on account of extreme congestion and canker sores) or moving, which involves great pain, on account of:

--Plugged ducts. Or mastitis. Adam and I affectionately call them "plogs," on account of my inability to say "plugged ducts." It stinks. And hurts. And Katrina was fussy all afternoon and evening and not very helpful in my endeavors to remove the plogs. So I hate life.

--I now have a headache.

--We have no more diapers.

Solution: I am planning on going to bed soon. After I get up the nerve to move. And I should try to pump again sometime soon, but I don't think I can handle it. Maybe I'll have Adam bring the pump close to the side of my bed so I can pump in the night if I need to.

Good things:

--We are home, and we even made money from the whole housesitting gig, which makes sense, but since money was never mentioned, we still kind of wondered.

--Katrina is finally in bed and asleep

--We are going on a date tomorrow for the first time since Katya was born. We are even hiring a babysitter to watch the place while Katrina sleeps. We want to go to an Indian place.

--We actually have some diapers that are too small, but will last us tomorrow morning.

--Adam got me pretty pink flowers.

--We ate heart-shaped pizza for dinner yesterday.

--Adam liked the chocolate and corny LOVE pillow that I left on the bed for him on Friday night (because I couldn't wait another day!)

--Katrina, who had a fever of 101.5 all day Friday and then 103.3, has no more fever and no runny nose. She was great at church, but fussy at Adam's parents' house today. At least church was good. And she's very cute. She likes to say "dungggg" and "donggg" a lot. I thought she might be trying to say "dog," but I think she just likes the sound. I sure hope that dung isn't her first actual word.

--Adam loves his new tent, sleeping bag, and backpack.

--Adam has work off tomorrow.

--Adam is really helpful and nice to me.

Have a nice evening and week and I hope I stop hating life soon.

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Elise said...

Oh Tori, I feel for you with the Mastitis thing. The clogging pain we can deal with, but the fever, the shaky chills, the dizziness, the feeling like you're going to topple over and have no muscle strength? Yikes! Get better soon!