Friday, February 27, 2009

Ode to a grill

So I don't post a whole lot of recipes, since, well, I only cook sometimes (three days in a row this week, whoo-hoo, record!) But let's pretend that I'm a really good cook and you all are just dying for me to give you new recipes. I like the ego rush of that fantasy! :]I don't think I've mentioned our new grill. My parents gifted Adam and me with this grill for our birthdays. We've been getting very good use out of it. I have been cooking more lately and sometimes I cook just to try to find ways to use the grill, because it's so fun. I've been wanting one for awhile, which I don't think my parents knew, actually. They just wanted to buy one for us because they love theirs so much.

Since getting it, I have used it to cook french toast, grilled cheese sandwiches, bacon, steak, chicken, and...well, maybe that's it. But we were housesitting for over a week, sick for a week, and I only cook a few times a week anyway. Ours is the perfect size for two people, but I know they come larger, and they also can open wide for more space. Cleaning is super easy.

(So I don't want this to sound too much like a product review, but I will say that the brand is Hamilton Beach. George Foreman grills are similar and I'm sure there are other brands too).

Anyway, last night I made a pretty good dinner. I based it off of one of my favorite dishes that my mom makes, though now that I think about it, pretty much the only ingredients that were the same were the chicken, curry, and green onions. But anyway, here's the original recipe:

Chicken Curry Salad
-cooked, shredded chicken
-cubed apples
-chopped celery
-chopped green onions
-slivered almonds (my mom also uses walnuts, but I have developed an aversion to walnuts as I've grown older)

Mix with mayonnaise and curry. Yum. This is best served cold so the mayo and curry can settle into the chicken.

My version--chicken pasta salad
-grilled, shredded chicken
-grapes, cut in half
-cooked and cooled egg noodle pasta
-green onions

Mix with mayo and curry. Chill.

Whenever I actually plan meals in advance and shop for the ingredients, I have this meal and then corn potato chowder, because they both use green onions and celery and I don't use those a lot in many other meals. Yum. Corn potato chowder. I need to go out and buy ingredients for that. I'll post the recipe for that when I make it too.

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