Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Not crawling

I am a mean, mean mother. I force my daughter to lay on the ground and put tempting objects just out of reach. See:

They must be very tempting, otherwise she will simply cry a little, give up, and play with her feet instead while rolling around.

Seriously though, I really don't make her do this enough. Maybe if I had, she would be crawling now? I probably should have continued to enforce tummy time, but once she could roll over by herself I stopped making her do tummy time everyday. Now she's fine on her stomach--it no longer makes her cry, at least, but she gets too frustrated to crawl.

Sorry about the moping, I just get a little down when I read about babies lots younger than her crawling, standing, pulling up, and even walking. I also see them at church.

On the other hand, I'm getting a taste of what things will be like once she can walk, since any moment Katrina is not eating or sleeping she wants to be walking around with her lion push-toy. I might get a few minutes of her quietly playing with her toy basket, but that's lucky. She rarely likes her jumperoo anymore, except to hold on to it while walking, play a little with the toys, and then move back to her lion and continue on. (She's really good at cruising between things now). It's a good thing the floor around the apartment is currently so clean, since we traverse the entire length of it many times a day. I guess it's also good incentive to keep it clean! Also, we had to buy our first baby-proofing supplies. I tried to make a bumper for the coffee table, but it didn't turn out, so we bought one. We also bought outlet covers. Oh, and a new power strip with a box around it that lets us stuff most of the cords into it.

Well, finally, here's another video of Katrina laughing at her daddy's antics. She loves the evening because he is here and we both play with her lots.

Since it's taking forever to load the video, I'll mention some of the other ways in which Katrina is driving us crazy. First of all, she has something like six top teeth about to burst through. They've been like that for weeks. Even the doctor mentioned how close they are. I've even felt the tips a little. But I think maybe they went back in, because it looks smooth now. Anyway, I just want them to come in. Secondly, Katrina has decided to make every meal a fight. She puts up a fight anytime we feed her anything pureed, unless it's yogurt or applesauce. Unless it's a banana or cheese, she throws her food. Sometimes she throws it a little, eats a few, throws some more. Sometimes she eats half and then throws them. One day she will love grapes and the next every time she actually gets one into her mouth it falls out. That's happening a lot lately--she puts it in, no problem, but then she either spits it out or it falls out. If I feed foods to her, she'll sometimes decide she likes it and then feed it to herself, or she'll spit it out. It's different from meal to meal--and I'm talking about the same foods! I also have fairly good success with half sandwiches of bread and butter. But add jam, and on the floor it goes! You can see how every meal is a struggle. Our good little eater is showing through her true colors (or genes!). A third stress is that she is starting to go three hours between naps instead of two. But usually, after two hours of taking care of her, she's fussy, I'm spent, and so I put her down for a nap. Then she plays in her crib for awhile, cries when she gets stuck, and I tell myself that next time I'll wait longer. Then the next time, I'm so ready for a break that I stick her in early again. She adjusts to a new schedule far easier than I do!

And the other stress, on me at least, is her current ambivalence about nursing. We were going strong with four meals a day, but now, half the time, she doesn't want her bedtime meal. As convenient as that is for date nights and babysitting, it still makes me sad. And it's not uncommon for her to refuse a meal during the day, either. I've never especially wanted to do extended breastfeeding, but I was willing to if she wanted it. It looks like she's well on her way to weaning herself, and that is very sad for me, even though breastfeeding has been filled with just as much or more pain then fulfillment for me. It could be that her teeth really are bothering her. I'm hoping that when they come in, a lot of these issues that I've mentioned will resolve themselves (her eating problems, general fussiness, and reluctance to nurse).

Anyway, the video is loaded and she's finally asleep, so I'm going to go take a shower!


Amber said...

She certainly knows how to get around, even if she's not officially "crawling". Live it up because before you know it she will be EVERYWHERE and into EVERYTHING!!! Especially anything you don't want her touching!
I was a little sad too when Megan started really weaning herself--on the one hand, it was so nice but on the other, I knew there was no going back and it was another way she was growing up. Good luck with the teeth and the feeding. Kids are so crazy with food. Megan still will love something one day but refuse to eat it the next (I guess she wants more variety?). Anyway. I was so happy when she turned one and most of the "no-no" foods were ok because she LOVES dairy, peanut butter, and citrus. That helped some.

Elise said...

Hey, I think Katrina is doing amazingly well. Walking around with a lion? No WONDER she's not interested in crawling. I wouldn't be either. I think the only issue you have is that your baby is too clever in knowing what she wants.

I was laughing when you were describing the food antics. My goodness! I remember those days. We're about to start heading into them again. Don't worry. when she gets older you can bribe her with things like a toothpick, and she'll eat anything. I think it's great that you keep feeding her those foods. Don't they say that you're supposed to keep giving babies foods even if they are inconsistent with eating them? I dunno. You probably do; you're on top of it. Let me know, huh?

The Snyder Family said...

Tori, I know it's hard to have a 10 month old that doesn't crawl, but fear not. Caleb didn't crawl until almost 11 months, and then not great until about a year old. I agree it's hard to see younger babies doing it too. Just try to be thankful because when she can crawl everything changes...good and Also remember that every baby is so different! I also hear you on the weaning... Hallie is my first exclusively breastfed baby and I dred the day she weans...I will cry. I am just trying to remember how fortunate I am to be able to do it this time! You are a great momma! Take care of yourself and if you ever need to chat feel free to email me.