Wednesday, February 11, 2009

My tv addiction

I watch several TV shows lately, which is kind of weird, since I rarely follow specific tv shows. But my ultimate tv addiction is the show "LOST." Tonight was a new episode and I'm still in that post-episode ahhhh! mode where I am thinking and rethinking everything and trying to make connections, as well as mourn a character who died (probably). Adam and I watched the first season when we were dating and I've been addicted ever since. Thank goodness you can watch it on the internet too, because last season I had to miss a bunch of episodes because of school.

Actually, I think it's because I don't have homework that I watch so much tv these days. It doesn't go on until after Katrina is in bed, but even when she goes to bed late, she's still in bed by 7:30. We also try to turn it off at 10:00, but often keep watching until 11:00. So that's just a few hours. I don't feel too guilty, because I often combine it with sewing or something else. And it's not the end of the world if I miss a show (even LOST).

Tonight I even watched American Idol. This is the first season that I've watched most of the episodes. Tonight was the first time that I've actually turned on the tv specifically to watch an American Idol episode. I don't know, it kind of feels like I've given into the Dark Side, or something. :]

Life goes on here. The kids are great, the dogs are great. It's raining outside now, which means tomorrow will be another day of confining the dogs inside so that they don't get muddy, and then in turn confining them outside so I don't have to wipe them down. We have three more days here. Adam is on cloud nine because his new camping equipment arrived that he got at a major discount because he's a Scoutmaster. He has a new tent, sleeping bag, and backpack.

Katrina responds regularly to a few phrases. She'll answer to "Come to me," which is cute, if a little pathetic because she can't crawl, so she tries and topples over and then rolls around like a turtle stuck on its back. She opens her mouth obediently during meals when we tell her to. The cutest is when we say "Give me a kiss," she touches noses with us with an open mouth. Or she gives our cheeks open-mouthed kisses. And if I kiss her, she often responds with a click of her tongue that sounds just like the smack of the kiss I gave her. I bought her these magnetic toys at the store yesterday and roll the ball around, trying to get her to say "ball," or "dog" if the dogs are near. She has said some pretty good "ba!" and "da!" noises that seem to be in response to my urgings, but it's just too hard to tell. Oh, and today she army-crawled across the bed three times to get to a jar of ointment of mine that she has always loved. Yay! Maybe she will crawl yet. This was the first time that I put something out of her reach and she actually found a way to get to it. Usually she just moves her legs fruitlessly and ends up pushing herself backwards.

I'm looking forwards to Valentine's Day and a three-day President's Day weekend. Have a good day tomorrow, everyone!

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