Monday, February 2, 2009

Hello February!

Febuary. Yep, it looks wrong. February. There.

Sorry, I just was experimenting with saying and typing the word February. Why do we have that extra letter, anyway?

I am in a much better mood since my mopey last entry, but it's taken a couple of days and a birthday party to be in a good mood. We went to the D.C. temple after all on Saturday, and Adam was super tired after having only a few hours of sleep. His sleeping bag doesn't close, which made for a cold campout. So we went to the temple and he headed inside to do work for his great-great grandpa John James. I headed over to the Visitor's Center. Guess what is closed for two weeks for renovation? You guessed it. So I walked around in the fairly cold-but-still-sunny weather. The temple was gorgeous. I'v actually only been there on cloudy days (and during Hurricane Hanna). They must have just barely cleaned the spires because they were so golden and reflective in the sun that I couldn't look at them!

The need for a bathroom sent me up to the temple itself, where I knew there was a waiting room with a bathroom. We stayed there for fifteen or twenty minutes, but Katrina was so wiggly and screetchy that I felt bad, so we went back outside. This time, however, I had changed into a skirt because I felt bad being in the temple in jeans, and Katrina refused to keep her hands under her blanket, so I gave her my gloves. The weather was far less bearable with bare hands and wind on my legs. I trucked over to the nearby chapel and finally found an unlocked door. I carried Katrina's stroller up the stairs and realized only later that I had wrenched my back really badly. I was in so much pain yesterday that I couldn't even hold Katrina. Today I seem to be doing better, probably because I slept all night with a pillow between my legs for better alignment. Still, back pain puts me in a really bad mood, so I dealt with that all Saturday and yesterday.

I was so tired of Katrina and hurting that when Adam got out, I just wanted to go home. So no temple for me this month. It's all right. We have a goal to go every two months. Next time I'll go in first.

Yesterday we celebrated Adam's birthday with his family. His birthday isn't for a few days, but we'll be housesitting, so we got together this week. We really enjoyed ourselves. It's been a month or so since we saw them, which is longer than usual. They have all been sick all month and were very happy to be feeling healthy. I wish I had a picture of the Star Trek cake his mother and sister made him. It was the planet Vulcan with the Starship Enterprise orbiting. Adam really enjoyed his gifts. Today he wore his new shirt and tie to work. We also got a combined birthday present from my parents of a Hamilton Beach grill! Tonight I'm going to try it out. I'm making brinner--breakfast for dinner. French toast, turkey bacon, and maybe some eggs.

I also have some fun projects planned for this month. Included are the pillows and pillowcases that I still haven't made, a foam and fabric cover for our coffetable, a shadow box to show off Adam's medals and awards, and a birthday gift.
Oh, and one last thing. I saw these adorable utensils during bloggy giveaways last week. I think certain of my friends (cough, Elise) would love these for their toddler sons. Just had to share the coolness!


Jolena said...

I LOVE that grill! Mom and Dad got it for us for our wedding, and it is just plain amazing.

They shared a trick with me on how to clean it. Fold up some napkins or a paper towel 3 or 4 layers thick, get it wet, and put it in the grill after you finish cooking. Well, wait until you're done eating because then it will be cool enough to do this. Close the lid and let it sit. When you come back to clean it the next day, almost all the stuff inside will have come off on the paper towel and it's super easy to clean.

Love ya! Enjoy the grill!

Elise said...

Tori! You should have told me you were going to be at the Temple! I would have come up. We're only about 40 minutes away. Next time I would be very, very happy to watch Katrina so you can go together. Let me know. The only issue is that we live 40 minutes past the Temple from the direction you're coming, but hey, maybe it's worth it? So yes, let's chat and see if you want to figure out a better situation next time!

Elise said...

P.S. Those utensils are awesome! You should write a post on where all the bloggy giveaways are that you like to participate in.

Amanda said...

Katrina is such a little beauty! Love the pics!

Lacey said...

I know I don't know you, but i was reading an article on and a comment you read really struck me. I wanted to let you know that your comment helped me a little bit today. You look gorgeous in your pictures on your blog and I know what it's like trying to lose those last baby pounds. (I'm working on them from both my pregnancies). Anyway, I wanted to introduce myself. I'm Lacey, and I live in Rexburg, ID. My husband Andy is going to school here at BYU-I and I thought I'd say that the pictures on your blog of the D.C. temple look awesome! What a fun day for your family!

Adam said...

I love the picture of Katrina staring at the camera with the slightest smile. That girls is just too cute for me sometimes!