Thursday, February 12, 2009

Fun with GoogleMaps, or Tori Creates a Tag

(Edited to add: if you can't see the pictures in Internet Explorer, they work for me just fine in Firefox, or you can click on View Larger Map).

While wasting away time the other day during Katrina's nap, I decided to look for my old house in California using GoogleMaps and their StreetView function. I couldn't remember the address but I remembered the street, and since my house was the only two-story house on the block, it was easy to find.

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Then I traveled along streetview until I found my elementary school. Here it is, Oakridge Elementary School, in all of its round glory!

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The fun doesn't end there. I could go through each of the rental houses that I lived in in Colorado Springs (five: the first house, Squirreltail, Moorfield, Sherman, that blue house). I'd like to show you the house that I lived in for twelve years, but it's not on StreetView yet.

Here's where I lived in St. Petersburg for three months:

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Okay, that one didn't quite work out right, since there isn't streetview in Russia, and it didn't zoom where I wanted it too. It's showing the metro station instead. If you read Russian, I lived on Sofia Kofalevsky street in a big L-shaped building next to the trolley stop.

Freshman year:

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This is where I lived the year that I met and dated Adam, before I went to Russia and before I got married. If you go to the right you can see where Jolena lived and the house on the corner next to that is where Adam lived.

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And finally, this is my town:

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Hopefully people like my mom and dad, who may not get a chance to visit us for a while, will enjoy looking at the place that I live now.

Ha! I bet you all want to go now and do this yourself. Is this how Tags begin? I'm betting so. Even if you don't all blog about it like me, I bet you'll have fun looking at the places you've lived, and in turn being disappointed if they're not on streetview yet.

So I better go get Katrina now, since she's been awake and talking to herself the whole time I've been doing this. I hoped she would fall back asleep, but oh well.

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Momza said...

this is so cute fun for you to go down memory lane!