Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Doctor's Appointment #2

I enjoy our GPS. Today I wasn't able to turn left to leave the pediatrician's office, so I turned right and decided to go home a new route. The GPS took me a nice, leisurely back route that was so much better than the stop and start traffic of Route 30. I really enjoy where we live. Even with all the trees barren and leafless, it's still beautiful country.

Katrina's doctor's visit wasn't quite as painless as I promised her. Good thing she probably doesn't understand me much yet, right? She had to get a flu shot, which wasn't too bad, and get a finger prick blood sample for a hemoglobin test. That was much worse. I think Katrina was much more frustrated with the fact that the nurse wouldn't let her hand go than from the pain.

She is 18.5 lbs, 28 inches long, and has a 18 inch head. That puts her at the 30th percentile for weight, 46th for height, and 85th for head circumference. She also passed most of the milestone questions. I always wonder how fair it is, because she's a month late in her visits, and so they ask questions about 9 month milestones, even though she's ten months. Oh well. We'll be back on track next appointment. Anyway, they make me laugh sometimes. "Does she clap or wave bye-bye? Can she play peek-a-boo? Does she jabber or combine syllables? Does she imitate your sounds?" etc. Who knew peek-a-boo was so important? :] I had to answer no to the questions about pulling herself up on things and crawling, but I think she passed the rest. The doctor isn't worried. I really love Katrina's pediatrician, by the way. She's awesome.

Katrina's napping, but occasionally she wakes up to cough violently. I feel so awful for her. Being sick is not fun for anyone, but especially babies.

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Elise said...

Hah! I love (not) the questions they ask during the checkups. They're important but they're so arbitrary. Katrina is excelling. You have nothing to worry about!

And I'm jealous of your GPS. It's a nice thing to have when you don't live in Utah with its grid system!

Oh, and I hear you that this is a beautiful area. I love it, even when the trees are bare!