Thursday, February 26, 2009

Developing new skills

Walking around with her lion has become more fun now that Katrina has found she can walk around it and push it the other way. Or sometimes she walks next to it. It means she gets stuck less, which is nice for me. She also feels more confident holding on to it with one hand and bending down to touch objects.

We discovered by accident last night that she can stand by herself. Adam was vacuuming and I interrupted him to watch her stand for a couple seconds, even though it made her kind of upset. I set her down and we watched her stand (crying), start to fall, catch herself, start to fall again, catch herself (cry louder), and finally she leaned forward and caught herself on her hands. I then saved her and we cuddled her and reassured her that her mom and dad really don't hate her. So she can stand, but it scares her really badly to not be holding onto anything. I've tried it a couple more times with her, but she's figured it out and leans back really hard against my hands so I can't let go. Grr. But she stood! For about ten seconds! That's pretty amazing. I think Adam was right when he said that the day she learns to stand by herself, she'll be walking. I'll amend it to be that the day she enjoys standing by herself, she'll walk.

Yesterday evening was one of those really nice ones that makes you feel all good and productive. I was annoyed at first because Katrina only slept for half an hour for her afternoon nap, but once we made it to dinner, she made up for it by obediently eating everything I gave her. She was even good enough that I decided to throw together some dinner right then and there. Usually I have to wait until Adam is home to watch Katrina. Adam walked in the door at 5:00 to a nice dinner of couscous, chicken, and peas. Katrina ate it right along with us and even fed herself chunks of couscous. And no peas were dropped! Then we played, had lots of fun entertaining her, got her to bed, and Adam even still had a few minutes before leaving for his troup committee meeting. I sewed and watched Lost. Just a nice evening overall.

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