Sunday, January 18, 2009

Utah trip

This trip is so fun. I love seeing my family! Katrina is holding up fairly well for a baby. I am excited that we still have another day and a half here. Here's the rundown on our trip so far:

Day One-flight

Katrina's first flight went great! She had had a fever on Wednesday of 101 and so I was nervous Thursday morning when she woke up with another fever. A little tylenol did the trick and it was gone by the time we were on the plane. She did great on the plane, even on the takeoff and landing. I gave her lots of baby food and water to keep her swallowing. We had a four-hour layover in Denver, but other than that, the whole experience was great. I hope for a similar flight on the way home. She had her own seat, and we were really happy we paid the extra expense because she was able to nap a little and sometimes I just lowered the sun shade and she played quietly, which gave me a break.

We landed and went straight to the church to set up for the reception. We found out that a singles activity was planned for that night and a basketball tournament the next morning. Oh well! Jolena wasn't too stressed. I could tell she made a conscious decision to not be bothered by things and it made her into a very non-stressed bride.

Day 2-Wedding and reception

We left for the temple ten minutes late because I could not find my wallet with my temple recommend ("Look Adam, I used to put my wallet in this obscure pocket in my backpack when I was in Russia, that way people couldn't steal it."). Luckily Adam remembered and located in in my backpack and we were off. We still made it just fine, even with the necessary baby feeding and switchoff to relatives before the sealing. It was a beautiful wedding. I have only been to one other, my own, so it was fun being the one watching. I should have taken the kleenex that I was offered because I got rather emotional at the end. I'm just so happy to see my sister so happy! Bill is amazing and his family is wonderful. After marrying into a really great set of in-laws, I really think it's important to like your spouse's family. I want that for my sister too, and it looks like it's happened.

Pictures were cold, especially with a short-sleeved dress, but I was happy and excited and ignored the cold. Katrina was dressed in a pretty red dress and bundled in a furry white coat. Adam really took the brunt of her fussiness this trip. He has had to deal with a sad baby multiple times while I've been off with family. He's great!

The reception came together wonderfully thanks to Bill's sister and all of her friends from her singles ward who showed up. There were a few glitches--the lights blew a fuse, no one remembered the sherbet for the punch, and the expensive flowers for the centerpieces and cake froze in the refrigerator. Blegh. It all worked out. The reception was a nice size and a nice length, and did I mention that my sister was an absolutely stunning bride? She really was. The photographer told me that Jolena and Bill were just so easy to work with. She barely had to give them instructions at all, she just had to click the shutter. Plus her husband was doing the videography. They have a pretty sweet deal and do great work, so if you're getting married in Utah and need a photographer, Jolena is eager to refer them.

Day 3-Sunday

We went to church at our old ward at Wymount and that was fun. We really wanted to see the bishop and the few people that are left that we know. All the babies are so big now! It was interesting to see the similarities and difference between Katrina and the other three babies that were born the same weekend as her. One baby walked at Christmas (yikes!), and another is about the same as Katrina, so that was a relief that she's not the only one her age that can't crawl yet!

We headed to yet another family gathering, which was crowded, loud, and lots of fun. Katrina was the center of attention with her cousins, and she took it fairly well. Better than me. Adam had to save me a couple of times when I got too claustrophobic. The funniest part was when my two nephews got her to laugh. She was giggling, then laughing, then all out belly laughing. It was hilarious. I've never seen her laugh that hard!

Tomorrow I'm hopefully having lunch with an old roommate, and spending more time with family. We're thinking about going to the Draper temple open house the next day. Then home! Oh, that's the craziest thing. Utah doesn't feel like home anymore. It's so weird. I guess Pennsylvania really is my home now!

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Jolena said...

I was so happy to have you here for the wedding! What an amazing weekend it was and all the better since you guys were able to be there! Oh, and it was such a great cap to a wonderful wedding/honeymoon weekend to see you last night! Love you and I hope the flight back is as nice as the flight out was!