Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Tuesday evening

Today turned out much like yesterday, where Katrina spent most of her waking time in the car. So this evening, before Adam went to Scouts, we played a lot with her to make up for it. The reason that she is wearing only a diaper is because her clothes were wet with drool and I figured since we were about to put her in pajamas, why not just take all of her clothes off? The first video is of her "speaking." Sometimes she says "dada" but without actually making noise. I had to get a video of it. Sorry that Adam's phone conversation is so loud.

The second video is of Katrina's arm-flailing thing that she does. I don't know why, but it sure is funny!

I don't know how I managed to snap this photo, but it's great!

Here I draw your attention to her ankles which are crossed in a very lady-like fashion. She often crosses them while sitting up these days.

Posing for the camera. I think she's starting to understand about smiling for cameras. Here she was standing up and down and moving all around without our help. She thinks she's mobile and crawls and climbs all over us. It's really cute. She'll stand and try to walk, but only if she's leaning against me or holding my hands.

Oh, and sometimes she leans down to touch the floor and refuses to either stand all the way or sit down all the way. Maybe she will never crawl, she will just walk around like Mowgli.

Adam in his new Scout hat. Looks nice, huh? :]


Jessi said...

she ...is....so.....dang..... precious!! it just make me want to have more babies!!

Elise said...

Cute movies and pictures, Tori! They were fun to see. Katrina is really getting bigger every time I see her, and she is always adorable.

I'm glad your dinner worked out well. It sounds like it was delicious!

Carissa Rasmussen said...

look how big she's getting!!!