Monday, January 5, 2009


We did it! We pulled off the dinner. It turns out one of the missionaries is getting transferred after all, so hopefully he enjoyed his farewell dinner. The messy(understatement!) kitchen and my stuffed tummy are the only remnants. Adam made some delicious steaks with tarragon sauce. My key lime pie ended up very tasty and the asparagus soup managed to pull off a decent imitation of my mother-in-law's masterpiece. I used chicken broth instead of stock and the recipe was cut in thirds, so I had to improvise a little (and add a good amount of water and cream to make it less salty), but I liked the result. The meal only required one last minute trip to the grocery store and one last-minute menu change from mashed potatoes to biscuits. The elders were double-booked and couldn't stay long, and Adam went with them to visit the family of one of his deacons. That's nice, but it did mean that we ate pretty fast. That's why I'm so stuffed. This will probably undo the amazing scale results this morning that resulted from Fast Sunday yesterday (I don't fast while nursing, but a bowl of cheerios and nothing else until 3:00 feels basically the same).

Katrina's in bed, which is a relief after how screamy she was the whole time we were cooking and eating. Whew. The night is over. And now I can sit back and read my book for Book Club, Inkheart by Cornelia Funke. It took awhile to grab me but now I find it fairly interesting. Also, I am going to try to search the internet for some way to use up the entire bowl of tarragon/mustard/butter sauce that we have.

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