Wednesday, January 14, 2009


With Katrina refusing to crawl, I've been trying to encourage her standing and walking activities. That's a little hard because our coffee table has a really hard edge that she almost smacks her face on every time she stands next to it, and our couches have a really soft edge that is good for leaning but not necessarily holding. Anyway, today I put Katrina next to the coffee table and let her hold on and play with some toys. I had one hand in front of her and one behind in case she wobbled too far either direction. She was waving a pen in her left hand and holding on with her right. Then to my surprise, she tried to let go with her right hand in order to grab another toy. I was all ready to catch her, but instead, she balanced in place for 1-2-3-4 seconds and then she grabbed the table again. Wow! Standing with no help! She's done it a few times since, but never for as long (and I was even counting slowly). I'm amazed. She can't pull herself up on anything (except me), can't crawl, can't really scoot (though she can rotate while in a sitting position), and most definitely can't walk or stand. And her cruising is not that good, mostly because she can't grip the couch very well.

I called Adam and he was happy with me. We had already decided to buy her a new toy, a Fisher Price Stride to Ride, but now we're extra excited to buy it. Here's the picture.

She can push it or ride it. I think it will be a lot of fun. Yesterday while we were waiting for our inspection and emissions test for our car, she was cruising around the coffee table and my knees and the stroller. She was fascinated with how it moved, though because of the hard tile floor I kept a firm hold of her. We'll see how the toy is.

Well, Katrina just woke up from her nap absolutely miserable, so I put her back and she's happily asleep again. I'm probablt going to start packing for our Utah trip because I'm so excited. Have a nice day!

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