Thursday, January 29, 2009

Newest Katrina pics

Well, I had an interesting day yesterday. The power went off at about 11, and after about half an hour I started to get concerned. We had woken up with a blanket of snow everywhere (2-3 inches, whoo-hoo!) and the temperature in the apartment was falling fast. When Katrina woke up from her nap, I dressed her in warm clothes with thick tights on underneath, and I bundled up too. I closed all of the blinds and doors, and retreated to our master bedroom, which has the best natural light. Katrina and I played it there. Even though Adam's work is only 3 miles away, he still had power. Their lights had only flickered. I called him and told him was was up, and he was planning on coming over and picking me up so I could spend the afternoon in their back office and be warm. Well, I told him to come after Katrina's nap and then took a nap myself. When I woke up, the lights were on and the temperature was back up to normal. It only ever got to about 64 (while I was awake, at least), but if it had been night, yikes! I feel bad for all the people in the South who are out of power for days because of the same storm. We only were out for 2 hours.
I took off Katrina's outer layer and had to take pictures, since she was so cute. Also, I am including pictures from last week.
Reading Personal Penguin, with her penguin toy. Adam pre-haircut.
Every baby has to play in a box. We also put her in the box, and closed the lid. Hehe.
Look at those serious faces. Surely the next contestants for Dancing With the Stars. Adam post-haircut.
Future dancer? She'll have to learn to stop chewing on her toes first. As her daddy would say, "Katrina, boys won't date you if you do that."

I swear I have pictures of me with this exact expression on my face. I still don't really know what it means, but it looks cute and coy. She was doing a lot of other funny expressions too, but whenever I pointed the camera at her she paused and smiled. I think she understands smiling for cameras!

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Momza said...

She is so cute!
And you are a good photographer!

Glad to hear your power came back on...things like that are more concerning when you have a baby to protect, aren't they?!