Friday, January 23, 2009

A husband who cooks

I love it when Adam cooks. Let's see, Wednesday was our first day back this week. We hadn't gone shopping, so I made grilled cheese sandwiches. Thursday Adam cooked and made chicken breasts with tarragon sauce and veggies, yum. Tonight he made ranch chicken and veggies. So I guess tomorrow is my turn. Any ideas? Stir fry or enchiladas are my staples.

I'm trying to eat healthier. I started a food journal online to count calories. It's hard to estimate how much I should be eating because of nursing, which I read requires 500 extra calories a day. And if you want to lose a pound a week, they recommend eating 500 calories fewer. I'm only nursing Katrina four times a day and sometimes once at night, so who knows how much extra I really need. I've only been keeping the journal two days and I can already tell that my weakness is sugar. But I already knew that. I've also discovered that I eat more than I thought, but it's not actually too hard to stay under my goal amount of calories if I stay away from sweets. Of course, we made homemade ice cream tonight from a Ben and Jerry's recipe--Sweet Cream Ice Cream with Butterfingers. Yum. At least I also ate plenty of fruits and vegetables too.

We've also decided that with our extra money from taxes (long story, but it turns out we saved more than we needed to save) to buy Adam the bike he wants. There should be some left over, so I'm hoping to get something for myself. I dislike exercising, but I dislike less than other things doing pilates and elliptical machines. I found a mini-elliptical machine on Amazon with fairly good reviews and in a decent price range and I think I'm going to get it. It is small and portable. I definitely need something to get my heart rate up if I really want to lose weight.

We were planning on going to the temple in D.C. tomorrow, but we have delayed it until next week because Adam has a court of honor tomorrow night. It will certainly be nice to have a relaxing Saturday with nothing else to do but clean out the closet so that maintenance can replace our water heater next week (nothing wrong, just regular maintenance). I think everyone needs a day off without obligations or plans on a regular basis.

Oh, and lastly, I am trying to figure out a hairstyle. I need a haircut because my hair is so long and tangly and annoying to maintain (even though I typically just let it dry by itself and that's all). I definitely want it thinned. I also am considering bangs for the first time in fifteen years. The question is, do I pay less than $20 and get it done tomorrow at a discount hair place, or do I save to pay $70 to get it cut down the street? There's no real guarantee that I will like the more expensive haircut better. And I am so sick of my hair and I kind of want to chop it. But I like it long and it looks better long than any other way. I also can't figure out the shape of my face. None of the online things are all that helpful. It's either oval, heart shaped, rectangular, or possibly round (I think it's kind of fat, at least). I'm assuming a stylist at a higher end place could help me better, but I've seen some pretty awful expensive haircuts. Anyway, that's my current dilemma. My last haircut was three days before Katrina was born, so I'm definitely due for one.


Elinor said...

Not that you should go by me, but I get my haircut only two or three times a year but I do it at a good place. I would recommend that you shop around online because there are a lot of websites with informative reviews about salons and particular hairstylists. Thats how I found the one I have right now, who I really like. She had a few good reviews from people so I figured I didn't have much to lose.

This may sound sexist, but so far I have always felt more comfortable asking questions and talking about the haircut with a female stylist. So if you think you're the same way, that's something to consider, anyway :).

And I agree, your hair looks great long. One thing I think would look really good is if you did it curly by scrunching it, or using a diffuser, so maybe they can tell you more about that.

But you could have fooled me about needing the haircut. I think your hair looks fantastic!

Tasha's Life said...

I'd spend the money, but I'll bet you can find a place to get it done for less than $70. Ask around in your ward. Everytime I go cheap I regret it. If you can find someone you like and who gets to know your hair, you can trust their opinions on hairstyles. I often ask their opinion. They look at my face shape and hair type and a general idea of what I'm looking for and come up with some great stuff. That's what I did this last time, and it was a winner!

Elise said...

Oh wow, in case you're totally creeped out, "Elinor" is me. I was messing around with stuff one night and forgot to change it back. It makes me wonder who else is wondering why someone with that name seems to know them so well and is commenting on their blog!

Tori said...

Oh, that's funny. I was kind of weirded out!
I found a half-off coupon for a salon down the road with good reviews, so I think I will try them. I did my hair straight on Sunday and it is almost down to the bottom of my back! But I do love it long, so I might just get a few inches off and the underneath part thinned out so it doesn't tangle so easily.