Saturday, January 10, 2009

Housesitting, Day 2

This post has some venting, so bear with me. For the most part, housesitting is going well. I served pizza last night that took about ten minutes total to make. That was nice. We spent much of the night playing Wii with the kids. My day went well overall and I finished Speaker of the Dead, so today I'm going to start Xenocide. Both of those are by Orson Scott Card. I figured out that if I go down to the basement, the dogs won't follow, so I was able to play with Katrina in peace, and during her nap I was able to read without a dog crawling on me and shoving her face into mine.

Okay, so here's the venting part: I am sick of these dogs. For the most part, they are fine. Belle is super needy and follows me everywhere. Chester spends most of the day outside. It's annoying that I can't sit on any couch without Belle joining me and shoving her snotty, drippy nose into my face, as well as draping her body all over mine. But I can handle that. What I am sick of is when the two dogs go from all friendly to all of the sudden growling and barking at me (or the baby), bowling me over when I'm sitting on the floor with Katrina, overwhelming me with one dog behind me and one dog in front of me while Katrina is hanging on for dear life to the coffee table and the dogs are shoving her too. Then when I go to give them dog treats to try to get them to leave me alone, every time Belle jumps up and snaps at Katrina's arm because she gets so excited and Katrina's arm looks like a dog biscuit. Then a few minutes later it starts up again, this time with Chester pawing at me incessantly (wait, isn't Belle the needy one, what's going on) until I retreat upstairs, at which point the kids tell me "Oh, he wants you to scratch his paw." !!!!!! Mostly I'm just frazzled, but I am also a little annoyed that I wasn't given more instruction on how to handle the dogs. I think people who have dogs assume that everyone is used to them, but the fact is, dealing with large and energetic dogs is not always easy. The kids take it for granted that they can just shove the dogs away when they're too annoying, but when I have a dog crawling into my lap and sniffing Katrina's face and sticking her drippy nose into my eye, and then I try to shove her away, the dog won't move! And then she growls at Katrina.

So this may seem like I'm overreacting if you are someone who loves animals and is used to dealing with them, but keep in mind that even though I love them too, I have never owned a dog, and when both dogs are cornering me against the couch and barking and growling menacingly at me, my childhood fears come back to the surface. Plus, the fact the one dog is obviously overneedy and jealous of the attention that I give the baby makes me uncertain how seriously to take her growls. I know that you're supposed to look at their tails to see if their wagging or something, but in the situation it's a little difficult to remember that.

At least Katrina thinks these dogs are the best thing ever. She giggles when they play-fight, watches them intently when they are anywhere near her, and smacks their faces (a true sign of love) when they sniff her. When Belle sniffs her face too much, Katrina even shoves it aside like we do, which is funny. And I'm not getting upset about the dog hair that's all over me and Katrina. I just try to unstick it from her face and hands and go on with life.

Anyway, Katrina's asleep now, so I have an hour to myself. I will probably go down to the basement and use the treadmill, now that I know that it's unplugged and that's why I couldn't get it to work yesterday!

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