Friday, January 9, 2009

Housesitting, Day 1

My back is so sore. I have been hauling a Graco Pack N Play all over a two story house and my back is really feeling it.

So we got here last night. The kids had dinner ready, and I was really feeling superfluous. But then I had to run anyway because I had book club at 7:00. Except it was really at 8:00. So yay for being super early! Bleh. At least I really like that sister and she and I talked a lot. Book club was lots of fun. It was a really long book and with the holidays, no one except the host and me had read it all the way through. Oh well. Next month is The Prize-winner of Defiance, Ohio, I think. I've heard plenty of good things about that.

Katrina slept great in the closet. It's a walk-in closet, so it's fairly large, but Adam hated closing the doors and "shutting her up in a closet." I thought that was funny. He left this morning and I walked around holding Katrina thinking, Now what? The dogs were hyper and anxious and I couldn't put Katrina down anywhere. I finally did what I've been doing an increasing amount these days: put her in her high chair and gave her a handful of cheerios while I ate and did other things. Then I tried to play with her on the couch. Belle, the dog that her owners describe as "way too emotionally needy for a dog" tried to join us. Katrina loved it, but I prefer not to share a loveseat with a dog when I'm playing with a baby. Oh, so we do this thing with Katrina where we bring our faces close to hers and then nudge her nose and say "Be-boop." She loves it and if we stop before touching noses, she'll bring her nose forward. Way fun and cute. So Belle starts sniffing Katrina and she grins and bumps her nose into the dog's nose. I laughed a lot over that one.

The dogs love to steal Katrina's toys, which they think is fun, Katrina thinks is fun, and I hate. I was at my wits end today, and so I dragged the Pack N' Play downstairs so the baby could play and I could read. That worked out great for half an hour, and then it was naptime! Grr. I tried to haul the thing into a room down there, but it wouldn't fit through doorways and I didn't want the dogs barking to wake her. I tried to get her to sleep on the master bedroom floor on the pack n play mattress, but that was a failure. So I hauled the playpen back upstairs and she's finally asleep. I'm going to go read more and maybe walk on the treadmill, even though all I have to wear are sweaters and that might not be fun.

So I keep telling myself that today is the hard day, but then I remember that even though the kids will be here tomorrow, Adam is at Scoutmaster training all day. Like from 8 to 7. Sick. I'm so tired already! However, this really isn't that bad. Especially now that the dogs are sleeping in their respective places and not jumping all over us.

No time to proofread, I'm off to make use of this nap. Have a nice day!

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Elise said...

You need to learn to lift with your legs, girl!

Sounds like you're being successful there (aka not burning the house down). Not a big fan of dogs mouthing my baby's toys, either. I'm sure they're all happy to have you there :).