Friday, January 2, 2009

Decorating project

Happy New Year! We spent the holiday with Adam's family and reluctantly headed home and to work today. At least tomorrow is the weekend. I picked up Adam's cold, which stinks, but at least I know that for him, the worst was over in a few days. I'm hoping I feel better tomorrow. Yesterday I took some Benadryl and Sudafed and practically passed out during Katrina's nap. Unfortunately, the Sudafed alone isn't nearly as effective, but I don't want that experience again. Plus, I try to not take medicine if I can get away with it because I'm still nursing. Katrina woke up to eat at 4:30 this morning and afterwards I was so stuffed up that I couldn't fall back asleep. I wrestled over taking more Sudafed or not, and finally went to the computer to see if it was safe while nursing. I ended up taking some more but not going back to bed. I'm doing surprisingly well for only four hours or less of sleep.

I've been working on my new interest to keep me occupied for the next few days/weeks/months. (I seem to have a short attention span for hobbies, so who knows how long this will last.) I really want to decorate our bedroom. We decorated Katrina's months ago, but neither of us really cared to do anything to ours. However, now that Adam is discussing buying a bicycle and riding to work each day, I'm starting to really settle into the idea that we will be in this apartment indefinitely. Up until now, I've moved every year since going to college. And though we'd love to buy a house, we're not going to for awhile so we can save for a down payment. So I've started thinking about our room. I've broken it into four sections--bed, windows, floor, and walls.

Bed-- Our comforter is patterned with big black and gray squares. It's getting a little worn and we've discussed getting new bedding, but it goes so well with our shiny black sheets that we got for our wedding! :] I think we'll keep it. Now the other issue is what other colors we want in our room. The artwork that is now hanging up on either side of our window is predominately orange. And the amber souvenir art from Russia that I have is also orange. That's not really our favorite color, but I think it might work as an accent color. We also like blue, which is a color in the amber pictures, so I think we'll incorporate that. We each have two pillows, one matching the bed and the other in a white pillowcase. I think I'd like to make some pillowcases for those, maybe in a black and amber fabric. Something lush. Also, I think I'd like to get a long round pillow to go across the back. I might make one out of some black and blue fabric.

Windows--We really like the style of curtains in Adam's old bedroom in New Jersey. I figured that I can make similar ones (Tab-topped, with two dark panels on the outside and two light ones between them) for our two windows with one king-sized flat sheet. I'd like to find something gray with a black pattern. I'd be fine foregoing the light-colored panels, but Adam wants them, so we'll see. I also like the look of window scarves that drape across the curtain rod and down the sides, but that might not fit the look. Either way, the king-size sheet will have enough for that if I decided to do it.

Floor- We have a nice open space that would look really nice with a rug. I like this one from Wal-mart. It uses the same colors while breaking up the starkness of the geometric designs of the rest of the room. This would also be a good place to include the blue color if I found something I liked.

Walls- I saw a room that was painted with wide vertical stripes of alternating colors, white and very pale lilac. They were close enough colors that the effect was really subtle and nice. We have a taupe color on our walls already which I suppose we could use, but I was thinking a light grey and light blue might look nice. Or we could just skip painting, since it's really not my favorite thing to do. Now, wall accessories are another issue. We're keeping one wall open for when we someday buy a dresser with a mirror. Another wall is open but it's smaller. Then there's the large expanse above our bed. We decided not to put the eBay art there but to instead put it on either side of the window. That leaves the area above our bed. We have a hard time thinking of ideas that we both like. I would like an upholstered headboard, I think. I'm not sure. I've suggested buying some cheap rugs from IKEA and hanging them like wall art, which Adam tentatively likes. We saw a picture of one room with a salvaged mantle above the bed, which was way cool, if you know where to find one. You can achieve a similar effect with crown molding, which we've discussed and appeals to us both. So that's still an issue.

So this is what I've been working on. I almost drove Adam to work today so that I could go to Wal-mart and the fabric store, but I knew I would end up buying something impulsively, so I stayed home. I have a trusty spreadsheet made up and am searching all over the internet for products and ideas.

So here's hoping that my cold goes away quickly and that this decorating project goes well too!

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