Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Closet Cleaning

Well, Katrina was doing so well. She has slept through the night I think every night for the past week. Until tonight, when she woke up a few minutes ago and wouldn't fall back asleep, so I had to nurse her. Now she is laying in bed babbling. I told her that if she makes it through the rest of the night all right it won't mess up her stats. After all it's only ten o'clock. But I'm still pretty sure that we've made it back into the sleeping-through-the-night zone. We saw a back tooth poking through earlier tonight, so I bet that's bothering her. It's either a canine or a molar. Weird that it's coming in before her front teeth.

So my big plans for today...fizzled. I didn't even get a shower. Our water heater was replaced and afterwards, I had to wait an hour or so for it to warm up, and by then Katrina was awake. And during the afternoon nap I was too into my book. I didn't even get dinner made. And I think I forgot to eat lunch, other than a slice of cheese. So I was feeling pretty down when Adam went to Scouts at 7:00. Katrina was in bed at 6:00. I didn't want to watch tv. So I addressed the issue of our hallways closet, which we had partially emptied out for the maintenance man.

When Adam called me to say he was on his way home, I sheepishly told him to be prepared to find more things out of the closet than when he had left. Before reorganizing the mess, I decided to go through some boxes of mine both from high school and from right before the move this last summer. I slogged through binders, notebooks, sheafs of notes, decorations, and all manner of stuff. I halved the number of boxes. A lot went into the trash, but there are a bunch of books that need to somehow squish onto our bookshelves, and I kept out some of the decorations. Adam was creeped out by my porcelain doll collection, so all of those went back into the box. :]

Finally, while we were watching Scrubs, I used the commercial breaks to stack everything else back in, all consolidated and with bags inside of suitcases inside of more suitcases. I'm proud to say that as a Jones, I have inherited some rather impressive packing skills. I put everything that we need easy access to right next to the door. Everything else is still within easy reach. Adam has several boxes that I've asked him to go through sometime soon, and I think that he'll be able to consolidate those like I did.

It may still look chaotic, but we weren't even able to close the door before, let alone see carpet.

And this is our ever-growing pile of boxes and trash to go out to the dumpster. I guess I keep hoping it will magically disappear or Adam will take it all out sometime and surprise me.

Now all we have left is a sizeable pile of office stuff from another box I went through, and the aforementioned stack of books. And I have a sore back. No matter how much I use proper lifting techniques, I spend a lot of time these days half-crouched over, helping Katrina walk around. My back hurts a lot. Sigh.

Oh, and we just booked our tickets to Utah this June for our family reunion. Yay!


Momza said...

Tori, You really did accomplish alot, even if it didn't go the way you wanted to...give yourself a pat on the back, Sis! Ya done good!

Jolena said...

I'm impressed that the Jones organization has struck again. That closest looks awesome! You know what? I scored big marrying Bill, because he's as good at organizing as we all are. I actually trust him to organize something without being there and I like it afterwards. It's awesome! My crazy control-freakiness is diminishing...lol

Emily (Laundry and Lullabies) said...

Thanks for entering my giveaway!

I love cleaning out closets. It is such a great feeling when it all goes back in nice and organized!

Your daughter is a cutie pie. :)