Saturday, January 10, 2009

Better mood

I just hate having really negative posts, so I'm posting again. Yes, the dogs can be annoying, but it was better once the kids came home today and could fend them off whenever they cornered me. It happened every time I sat down on the couch or next to the couch with Katrina. The daughter thinks it really is because they are jealous of the attention Katrina is getting, and then they feed off each other's anxiousness and start barking and growling. She gave Chester a time out and he behaved better after that. Yikes. What's it going to be like next month when we are here for ten days? I'm sure I'll be more used to it. And during the day I really can retreat to the basement.

Adam came home way earlier than he thought and we had a nice quiet evening, well, except for Katrina's ear-piercing shrieks. I hope she wakes up tomorrow with a tooth, because then it will feel like she had a real reason for how obnoxious she acted. Oh, and the kids liked my stir fry, which made me happy. Next month I might make up a menu beforehand.

Church is early tomorrow, so I'm off to bed. Good night!

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