Friday, January 30, 2009

Bad News

I shrunk my red dress from Jolena's wedding.

I only wanted to put it in the dryer long enough to get off some of the gross fuzz that had transferred from the crocheted hot pads also in the same load. You can guess the rest.

Good news--the dress is now a good length. Before it was kind of long, in an awkward way.

Bad news--the whole bodice shrunk in length, making it almost impossible to stretch over my chest and even harder to remove. Maybe when I stop nursing it'll fit? I'm already the same size as I was before, but I hear nursing has a shrinking effect.

So I'm really bummed right now. Adam is at a campout (in 20 degree weather) and I sat down in front of the tv and watched three hours of What Not To Wear. Without doing anything else simultaneously (Adam won't believe me; I never just can sit and watch tv without at least having my laptop too). I felt great and empowered and then I surveyed my closet. And tried on a few dresses. And thought about how badly they fit my body style. And then I finally did what I had been putting off and tried on the shrunken red dress. What made it worse was that it was the only dress that actually looked good! Even shrunken it looked better than the other dresses.

Add to that the fact that my online food journal is showing some grim facts, and it makes for a Very Sad Tori. In fact, I'm kind of hoping Katrina will wake up so I can go see my uber-cute baby who will smile and flail her arms happily when she sees me. Maybe I'll go poke her.

We're planning on going down to D.C. tomorrow to go to the temple. I hope it actually happens. This is the only free Saturday for awhile, but like I mentioned, Adam is at a campout. And it's 2.5-3 hrs to D.C. And we have to alternate who does a session.

And I just realized after staring at the tv all evening that it is crooked. Yep, I just went and got the level and checked. The floor is probably crooked. It's really bad in the kitchen.

Well, it's late, so I'm going to go read some Harry Potter, Book 1, which should cheer me up, and go to sleep. Have a good weekend, everyone.


Momza said...

Okay, this was an odd post..come of it--the dress part totally bummed me out for you
then the parts about poking the baby and the crooked TV made me laugh!
Saw Jolena, Bill and your folks last night as we set up for the reception today. SO fun to see them! WIsh u were here!

Momza said...


Tasha's Life said...

Tori, this sounds so sad! I'm so sorry. I know totally how you feel. I hope you got to go to the Temple today. I went last night and then worked there tonight. I love you!!!!!We'll have to talk again when I'm not distracted. :)