Saturday, January 3, 2009


This is Post #200 on the James Family Blog. I had hoped to do something fun, or maybe at least write something particularly witty, but I'd rather post a picture of the Christmas tree I won in a blog giveaway. It's the one on the right. I've decided to start a tradition of collecting a new tree every Christmas. I bought the one on the left with jingle bells this year and the middle one at Mohonk.

Isn't it pretty? While I had the camera out I took a picture of our new tv stand. You can see all the boxes of Christmas decorations and the nutcracker we just bought too.

And finally, I have some Katrina pictures. She does this thing recently where she turns her head sideways to look at things from a different angle. If she's sitting, she also leans forward so her head is at her feet. I tried to capture it. I also got a picture of her with her Barnyard Dance book that we love. She grins and hyperventilates and waves her hands up and down wildly when we read it--a sure sign she likes it. If I lift up the page slightly, she turns it for me. At first she would turn it right away, but now she's learning to wait for us to read the page, then she turns it. I cannot adequately communicate how absolutely cute she is when she does that.

Blurry pictures all, but she moves in such jerky, unexpected ways that I can never quite get a clear shot unless she's staring blankly, and I already have plenty of pictures with that same expression!

Have a great weekend! Katrina is lying on on me, babbling, waving her arm, and trying to squirm and bend backwards to see the computer screen upside down. And she was trying to eat her elbow. I'd better provide her with some better entertainment.

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Sandy said...

So glad to hear that the tree arrived in good condition! Glad to be part of your Christmas tradition.