Thursday, December 11, 2008

Why this baby is so fun

We were playing on the couch yesterday and I grabbed the camera.

The video is of one of Katrina's new tricks. She's been doing this for a while, but not really with the same sound effect. It's fun.

I'm feeling better and my voice is improving. Today I tried singing my part for the "O Come, O Come Emmanuel" quartet and I can sing it, just not perfectly clearly. But that makes me feel optimistic that I'll be able to sing in a week and a half. I also practiced violin for an hour. Katrina was pretty tired of her jumperoo by the end. She didn't exactly cry the whole time, but she whined a lot and randomly burst into huge frowny tears. I haven't practiced in weeks, I missed the most recent Messiah practice, and the dress rehearsal and performance are this weekend, so I really need to get cracking. Plus, I'm practicing with my accompanist for "O Holy Night" on Friday. We were going to practice yesterday but I was so out of it that I cancelled.

In order to use less electricity I'm sitting in the near-darkness. I turn on the lights when Katrina is awake, and then turn them off while she naps. Our apartment doesn't get much natural light and with it raining, it's pretty dismal. But our electric bills have been lower the last couple of months, so I think it's worth continuing. Hope everyone has a a great rest of the week! I'm excited because we're going shopping tonight for Katrina's Christmas gifts. For some reason we didn't think about what we would get her. I assumed I would use the quiet books as gifts, but I think we'll wait until she's a little older. Maybe birthday, or even Christmas next year. So tonight we'll have fun buying little blocks and things at Babies R Us.


Adam said...

Hooray for practice! Hooray for Katrina! Huzzah for buying Christmas gifts!!!

Shalyse said...

Hey Tori! I love the pictures of Katrina on the couch, especially the ones on her stomach. The video is so cute. Andrea does that with her feet, but I don't think I have heard clapping from any baby's feet before! Your baby has talent! :) Good luck with your performance.