Sunday, December 14, 2008


A big sigh of relief that tonight is over. It went really well and I didn't embarass myself. I even kept up with the other first violins for most of the overture. That was the one piece that was really kicking my trash. I practiced beforehand and felt like I ended up playing my best in that piece and for the whole program.

Wow, our stake really knows how to put on some good performances. About half of the soloists and many of the performers were from other churches in the area. It's nice to have such nice interfaith relations with these other churches, especially with all the Prop 8 fall-out these days. And wow, were those soloists good! You know how at most church music performances, there will be a handful of good soloists, a few amazing ones, and several who get too nervous and perform only so-so? Well, all of these were amazing. There's a piece where a male soloist sings with a trumpet soloist and the orchestra. The trumpet player was playing a soprano trumpet, which according to Adam is really difficult and indicates a very talented trumpet player. That was one of my favorite pieces. And the Hallelujah chorus is always so inspiring and invigorating to sing or play.

I'm still glad it's done. I need to practice a bit for next week, but I don't feel as much pressure. Though next week, Sacrament meeting will be kind of crazy. I am accompanying the Primary kids on a musical number, playing a violin solo, singing alto in a quartet, and singing with the choir for two or three pieces. In fact, I kind of suspect that I am a part of every musical number next week except two. It seems crazy, but I love it. I gain so much more out of church when I am actively involved. Plus, I'm going to be a part of a book club with other women at church, which really excited me because I'll have an excuse to read good books and I'll meet women other than those who are serving in the Primary with me.

The one thing I regret is that I didn't invite my neighbors in our apartment building to the Messiah tonight. I planned on it, and the missionaries even challenged us to invite someone. Adam invited his coworkers, but I had planned on making some goodies and going around to our neighbors to introduce ourselves and invite them to the Messiah. I really want to get to know our neighbors better. Right now I recognize all of them and say a cordial hello in the parking lot, but that's all. Okay, I have spoken to our upstairs neighbors three times--"Can you turn down your music?", "Can you stop banging like crazy on the piano keys?," and "Is this your dog that just tried to go into my apartment?" As you can see, there's room to grown in regards to our relations with our neighbors!

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Elise said...

I'm so glad to hear that everything went well, but of course it did, it's you!

And yes, we're moving. You know what this means? We need to have a visit before we move...because we're leaving and who knows how long you're staying!

(for old times sake, maybe you could wear the green sweatpants and headphones? Oh, and glasses? And I'll give you an "imploding" vs. "exploding" demonstration. . .)