Saturday, December 27, 2008

Sigh, Christmas is over

Christmas is over and I feel a little let down. However, I am happy that we have one more day before going back to work for Adam and normal day-to-day life for me. We came home from New Jersey earlier this evening and have been slowly unpacking and organizing our stuff. We had so many Christmas presents and purchases that we had a hard time fitting it all in the car! The fact that we had brought our bedding to wash didn't help, and since one of our presents was a new carseat for Katrina, the old one took up lots of room in the trunk. But we managed, and it's even all brought into the apartment.

Even though I had plenty of computer access and took a bunch of pictures that I wanted to share, I waited until getting home to upload them onto our computer. Then I took some more and uploaded them too. Here's the link, because I just can't pick five to post here!

Christmas 2008

Well, we loved spending Christmas with Adam's folks. It's actually my third Christmas with them. Last year we did Christmas in Utah and then flew on Christmas Day to New Jersey. This year we held off going to Utah until Jolena's wedding in four weeks. I feel very comfortable with the James family traditions and enjoyed reading from The Tall Book of Christmas, eating Eggs Benedict for Christmas morning breakfast, and just plain enjoying the wonderful ambience of their house at Christmas time. Many of the pictures in the Picasa album are of their house and its decorations.

Aside from the carseat for Katrina, the two big winners for gifts were the artwork we received and the GPS that his family and I got for Adam. Adam and I have already used it and are excited to go driving around now without getting lost all the time. If you live out west, especially in Utah, you may not be able to fully understand how convoluted roads are out here. They are narrow, change direction constantly, and for some reason Pennsylvania hates to use street signs. Natasha gave us a five-county map when she visited in June and we've used it often. Too bad we didn't have the GPS in Washington, D.C. last week because we got a little lost on the way home from the temple!

I'm sighing in relief that all my stress is over. I'm sure I'll find something else to be anxious about soon, but I really can't think of anything big to worry about until we go to Utah in a month and have to deal with Katrina on a plane. But for now, I'm just going to enjoy playing with her and all of her new toys, and cheer her on as she tries to crawl! She was making some of her first efforts at crawling today while we were watching Prince Caspian special features. (We watched Prince Caspian on Blu-Ray yesterday--awesome movie, awesome picture and sound!) She and her cousin were the recipient of many new and exciting toys, and I love seeing her excitement to play with them.

Hope everyone had a wonderful Christmas!

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19 days in 1 hour. That's all I have to say. Yes that's right, that's in the teens.